MUST Chinese Debate Team won the runner-up in the 14th “Huaxia Cup” International Chinese Debate Championship

       The 14th “Huaxia Cup” International Chinese Debate Championship came to an end in October 7, 2021. Macao University of science and technology(MUST) Chinese Debate Team won the runner-up in the competition, and also set the best record in the history of “Huaxia Cup”.

      In the first two games of the group game, MUST played against Sun Yat sen University and Guangxi University for nationalities, which were strong in traditional debate, and advanced to the knockout with two wins. In the knockout stage, our university successively defeated three strong enemies: Oxford University, the world-famous university, Southwest University of political science and law, the champion of the 2019 World Championships, and Chongqing University of technology and industry, a strong team in emerging regions, and finally met Peking University, a strong debating University, in the finals.

      In the final, the two sides had a tense and fierce battle of words for an hour around the hot topic of "Laylowism is more a struggle / surrender to involution". In the face of the four senior masters and doctoral students sent by Peking University, the members of the Chinese debate team of MUST were smart, agile and calm. Although they were defeated in the end, they still showed the great strength and down-to-earth debate style of MUST, and fully demonstrated the speculative spirit and style of our university. Yang Yachen, a second-year graduate student of the Faculty of Humanities and arts of our university, won the best debater in a single game in the semi-finals, semi-finals and finals, and finally won the honor of the best debater in the whole process of this event.

       The 14th "Huaxia Cup" international Chinese Debate championship, organized by the Chinese Debate association of the University of New South Wales, is the largest international debating competition in the southern hemisphere. The competition still adopted the mode of registration and invitation. In addition to the schools directly invited by the top four of the last competition and the top four of the current Kyushu Cup, the organizers also invited Chinese debating teams from many well-known universities across Australia and Asia. Forty-eight elite debate teams from all over the world presented the wonderful debate feast online.

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