Football Team List of the Academic Year of 2023/2024


No. Faculty Grade Chinese Name English Name Position
1 Faculty of Humanities and Arts Sophomore ChanTinFong Marcus  Captain
2 Faculty of Law Junior DING QUANYI David Member
3 School of Business Junior WANG HAIPENG Stitch Captain Consultant
4 School of Business Junior CHEN JIAJUN ChenJiajun Member
5 School of Business Junior KONG DEZHI Tom Member
6 School of Business Junior GUO BINGCHENG Guobingcheng Member
7 Faculty of Humanities and Arts Junior WANG TIANHAO Tony Member
8 University International College Junior LU GUOHAO Crisco Vice Captain
9 Faculty of Chinese Medicine Sophomore ZENG XINCHENG Tony Member
10 School of Business Sophomore LI JIANRU Lijianru Member
11 Faculty of Hospitality and Tourism Management Sophomore DING CHANGWEN Dingchangwen Vice Captain
12 College of liberal arts Sophomore HE XINLIN Eason Member
13 School of Business Sophomore WANG JIZHUO Neil Member
14 School of Business Sophomore LIU YANGBO Liuyangbo Member
15 Faculty of Hospitality and Tourism Management Sophomore Hewenchong Hewenchong Vice Captain
16 Faculty of Law Freshman Dong Liangxuan Leon Member
17 University International College Freshman Xia Ziwen Lucas Member
18 College of liberal arts Freshman Tu Ze Hui Two Member
19 Faculty of Law Master Shang Junyao Evans Member
20 Faculty of Innovative Engineering Master WangKaige Kai Member
21 Faculty of Hospitality and Tourism Management Sophomore Li HuaJie Li HuaJie Member
22 Faculty of business Master Zhongyi Zhongyi Member
23 Faculty of Medicine Freshman  Li Junhong  Jerry Member
24 Faculty of Humanities and Arts Freshman  PanJunkun kyle Member



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