The English Debate Team Won A Great Result in Macau IT 2021

      From November 13 to November 14, 2021, the biennial Macau IT English debate competition was successfully concluded. Due to the epidemic, the debate was held online. The debaters are from major universities in Macao, including the University of Macao, the Macao University of Science and Technology, the Macao Polytechnic Institute and the Macao Institute for Tourism Studies. Our school sent three teams to participate in the competition, namely: [MUST A] He Bingxuan and Yang Yu, [MUST B] Gao Dehua and Xiao Yaya, [MUST C] Liu Yuxin and Wang Yixuan. They had a tense and fierce debate with other debaters and achieved excellent results in the competition through their excellent language ability and flexible way of thinking.

      In the Pre-round after five rounds of wonderful points competition, the three teams of MUST are far ahead, of which [MUST C] Liu Yuxin and Wang Yixuan are promoted in the second place, and[ MUST A] He Bingxuan and Yang Yu are promoted in the third place. Finally, [MUST A] He Bingxuan and Yang Yu successfully entered the grand final and won the second place in the competition.

      At the same time, four debaters of our university were successfully shortlisted as the top five best debaters of Macau it, He Bingxuan won the top 3 speaker, and Liu Yuxin, Wang Yixuan and Gao Dehua won the top 3 speaker.

     The English debating team of our university has made continuous breakthroughs in various large-scale competitions, but there is still room for efforts. Hope the English debating team of MUST can work hard, give full play to their advantages in the English debating field and achieve more outstanding results!

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