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By definition, the sustainable development is the development mode that meets the needs of the present without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their own needs. It pursues the balanced development among society, economy and environment. Since its inception, the Institute for Sustainable Development, Macau University of Science and Technology has upheld this principle, based itself in Macao, adopted the " neutrality, scientificity and constructiveness " as the tenet, carried out relevant researches in light of different aspects of social development in Macao, tried to objectively reflect the true features of social development in Macao, pooled wisdoms from multiple sources, and tried to provide the constructive advisory opinions for the long-term sustainable social development in Macao. 

At present, the Institute regularly releases multiple significant indicators in Macao such as the Macao Consumer Confidence Index (CCI), Macao-Zhuhai Consumer Satisfaction Index (CSI), Macao Employee Confidence Index (ECI), etc., providing advisory indicators for the present social and economic development in Macao. 

As the research institute of the university, the Institute has actively carried out various research works, applied to complete multiple local research projects such as Macao Foundation, Science and Technology Development Fund and Research Funds of Macao University of Science and Technology. It has cooperated with different universities and research institutes, and completed many provincial-and-municipal-level scientific research subjects. 

At the same time, with the continuous social development in Macao, all circles of life have developed the increasingly deep understanding about sustainable development. In recent years, the Institute has completed many entrusted consultation projects of governmental agencies and various industrial and commercial enterprises, provided the constructive opinions for development of agencies and enterprises, and boosted the social and economic improvement in Macao. 

The Institute has also established Doctor of Philosophy in Urban and Regional Economics, trained the research and management talents within relevant fields, promoted the understanding of its own teachers and students on economic development hot spots and relevant research fronts through a series of lectures and workshops, and powered the economic diversified development in Macao and the construction of Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao Greater Bay Area. 

In future, the Institute will continue to uphold the tenet of "neutrality, scientificity and constructiveness", give full play to its professional superiority, and promote the economic moderately diversified and sustainable development in Macao together with all circles of life. 

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