Textbook Supply


Textbook Supply assists the teachers and students in ordering books, printing and supplying teaching materials produced by the University. Through the provision of these services, the Centre aims to assist in the enhancement of the quality of teaching and learning at the university.

Scope of Responsibilities

  • To negotiate for the best prices with book publishers from all over the world;
  • To arrange and organize the bi-yearly (spring and autumn) and summer classes book ordering, purchasing, to collect payments and to distribute teaching materials to students;
  • To arrange for the storage and stock keeping of teaching materials and books;
  • To draft, revise and modify the regulations for book ordering, payment and collection;
  • To organize the printing of self-developed teaching material of the University;
  • To keep track of the different programs offered by the faculties of the University, numbers of courses, estimated numbers of enrolled students, and to collect the feedback on the quality and usage of teaching materials;
  • To search for information on teaching materials; to provide faculties with book recommendations, and to conduct relevant analysis and evaluation;
  • To set up and monitor the Textbooks Ordering System and Teaching Material Managing System with the support of ITSC.


* The above information is subject to changes made by the University

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Textbook Supply

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