Textbook Ordering

Q1. Where can view the booklist?
  1. Go to "Textbook Supply" → "Library" → "Latest Books" on the university library website. You can click to view the booklists submitted by all colleges.
  2. Open "MUSTbooks" on WeMust App → the top left " ≡ " → "Help". You can click to view the booklists submitted by all colleges.
Q2. Why the textbooks of my courses are not available from the latest booklist?

In this case, you do not need to order textbooks since your courses have no longer need textbooks. Therefore, there are no related information in the latest booklist.

Q3. How do new undergraduate students order books?

The library will allocate the required books of 1st semester for each undergraduate students. There is no need to do anything in the WeMust App. You just only need to collect your books in the designated place according to your registration procedures.

Q4. How do new postgraduate students order books?

The library will list out the required booklists of 1st semester for each postgraduate students according to the booklists submitted by colleges. You can directly order the books in the booklists on the “MUSTbooks” of WeMust App, or choose another books from the catalogues of "MUSTbooks".

Q5. How long do textbooks arrive after ordering?

Paper Version (Print book and Print buddle) has a longer delivery period.

Generally, books will arrive 2 to 3 months after the end of the textbook ordering period. Since most of the print books are shipping from overseas, coupled with other reasons such as the epidemic and freight problems, the arrival time may be longer than the original 2 to 3 months.

However, if stock is available in Hong Kong or Asia, it will arrive about 1 to 6 weeks after the end of the textbook order period.

E-Version (E-books, E-bundles) have a short delivery period, and will arrive 1 to 2 weeks after the textbook order period ends.

Q6. After ordering textbooks, why I receive a bill to make up the difference?

Due to the temporary replacement of textbooks by the college or the update of prices by the publisher, the actual price of the textbooks does not match the amount paid by the students. The difference will be billed in WeMust. Students pay the supplementary payment for the difference on time.

Q7. If I forget to order textbooks, what should I do?

After the textbook ordering period ends, we will have 1 to 2 supplementary orders according to the situation. In order to enable students who miss to order during the textbook order period to get textbooks in a short period of time, the supplementary orders are generally mainly electronic textbooks, or small amount of print books.

Q8. Do I need to pay extra fees for supplementary textbooks?

Under normal circumstances, 20% of the textbook fee will be charged for the re-ordering after the start of the semester as the urgent fee for the publishers and the administrative fee for the university.

Q9. After I ordered textbooks, can I cancel the order?

No! Ordered textbooks cannot be cancelled or refund for any reasons. The textbook service of the library order textbooks from the publishers or booksellers on behalf of the students. Due to the restrictions and policies of publishers, return and replace are not be accepted. Students have to consider carefully when ordering.

Q10. After successfully ordering textbooks, if the publisher temporarily cancels the ordered textbooks, what should I do with the book fees I have paid?

In this case, the textbook fees will be returned to the student's WeMust wallet after the book collection activity ends.

Textbook Collection

Q1. Do I need to make an appointment to take my textbooks?

Except for the first semester (September), you do not need to make an appointment to take your books. You just need to check the textbooks you ordered have arrived or not, and pick them up at the designated location during office hours. General office hours are Monday to Friday 9:00-13:00; 14:30-18:20 (except public holidays).

Q2. How do I know if my textbooks are available?

For the textbook collection of the first semester (September), students need to log in to the WeMust App “MUSTbooks” to make an appointment for taking your books, and take it according to the appointment time.

For other semesters, students can go to WeMust Student APP “MUSTbooks” → the top left " ≡ " → "Reserve/View Book Collection Code" to check, if the number on "Pending books" is not 0, please go to collect at the designated location during office hours.

Q3. How to get Paper Version textbooks? (print books and print bundles)?

Open the WeMust Student APP “MUSTbooks” → the top left " ≡ " → "Reserve/View Book Collection Code"→"Show Book Collection Code", scan the Book Collection Code according to the staff to take your books.

Q4. How to get E-Version textbooks? (e-books, e-bundles)?

There is no need to collect e-books on site, open the WeMust Student APP “MUSTbooks” → the top left " ≡ " → "Reserve/View Book Collection Code". If the password has been distributed, you will see the corresponding password and operation instructions after opening it.

Q5. If I cannot go to collect my textbooks, can I entrust someone else to collect on my behalf?

Can, you can entrust everyone to collect books on your behalf, show your "book collection code" or campus card to collect the books within the specified time.

Q6. Is there a time limit for receiving textbooks?

Have. Generally, before the end of the collection period for textbooks, students will be notified by email, text messages or phone call within the specified period. If the students miss to collect their books on time after being notified through the above forms, Library will be regarded as abandoning the books and will not be refunded.

Usage of Textbooks

Q1. Why the password of E-Version textbooks cannot be displayed?

When the semester is about to the end, the old E-Version textbooks password will not be displayed due to the need to renew the list of textbooks for the coming semester.

According to the above situation, please take a picture of the password of the E-Version textbooks in advance or use other methods to keep it for future use.

If you forget to keep it, you can visit the library at N203, Block N during office hours; or send an email to library_tbs@must.edu.mo, and leave your name, student number and student email address in the email, staff will send you after verifying your identity. The E-Version textbooks password is sent to your student email. For privacy reasons, staff will not send password to any private email addresses.

Q2. Can E-Version textbooks password share with others?

Can't. The password of all E-Version textbooks (Ebooks, Ebundles) are only for one person only. Since the password is activated, it cannot be reused.

Q3. How long the time limit of E-Version textbooks?

Generally, there are 180 days or one year of time limit after the password is activated, each E-Version textbooks are slightly different. While you are ordering, you must check the specific time limit in the remarks of the book list information.

Q4. Is the activation method for all E-Version textbooks the same?

No. Because different publishers have different ways to activate the password. Before activating the password, please go to “MUSTbooks”, and then click "≡" in the upper left → "View E-book Password" → "User Guide" to view.

Q5. Why the password of E-Version textbooks is not working?

The password cannot be used usually in the following situations:

  1. Input errors. Such as the English letter "I" is incorrectly input as the number "1".
  2. The activation method is wrong. Different publishers have different ways of activating the password. Please go to “MUSTbooks”, and then click "≡" in the upper left → "View E-book Password" → "User Guide" to view.
  3. There is an error in the publisher's system. In this case, you need to email to the publisher and ask them to check the problem in their system.

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