Faculty Introduction

The Department of General Education (DGE) provides various common courses to students, aiming to prepare them for further education and future development. 

The main function of the DGE is to organize and operate various common courses.  These common courses provide students the very fundamental knowledge which helps them to improve their learning ability and composite quality.  Students will find these essential in order to accommodate to both educational and professional development in the later stage.

The common courses are made up from five aspects: Chinese, Mathematics, English, Physical Education and General Studies.

University Chinese aims to guide the students to understand and appreciate the essence in Chinese classical.  It also focuses on contemporary literature reading and writing.  Through in-class exercises and other extracurricular activities such as, speech contest and writing contest, students’ application skill of their first language can be highly improved. 

University English is designed to enhance students’ English communication ability through reading, listening, speaking, writing and translation.  The main objectives of this course are to help the students to build up a strong foundation in linguistics studies and adopt a good learning method that fit the rapid social and economical development.  The course comes with comprehensive extracurricular activities including English Corner, English speech and drama contests, providing students different channels to learn English.

Advanced Mathematics majors in calculus, providing the students a basic tool of mathematical analysis that helps them to grasp the methods of logical reasoning and solve practical problem in other areas.

General Studies
MUST was the first university in Macau, which, introduced General Studies into the undergraduate program attempting to cohere to the modern educational concept.  The course is made up by three main areas, natural science and modern technology, social science and humanities, cultural ,arts appreciation and languages.  The main objectives are to guide the students to develop their talents in different areas and equip them the knowledge needed by modern society.

Physical Education integrated both physical and psychological characteristics of university students nowadays to design the various PE curriculums for the students to choose from.  Students gradually build up a healthy body through these courses.

DGE employs staff who have been educated and held academic posts at leading universities throughout the world, including the USA, Canada, Australia, etc.  They bring together the differing perspectives of all these universities, and have established programs combining the best elements of education from each.  The “Masters Series Seminars” are given by academics who are highly reputable in their professional area and allow students to benefit from this close contact with the Masters.

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