Faculty Staff

Administrative Staff
Name Title Office Email
Chu Oi Mei Officer of Academic Office of DGE(Concurrent Appointment) N517c omchu@must.edu.mo
Ho Weng Fai Administrative Staff A104 wfho@must.edu.mo
Chong Seong Pan Administrative Staff A104 spchong@must.edu.mo
Wong Ka Man Administrative Staff A104 kamwong@must.edu.mo
Liang Jia Cui Administrative Staff A104 jcliang@must.edu.mo
Full Time Faculty
Name Title Office Email
Qi Juan Juan Assistant Professor(Coordinator of the Pre-U Program) R723 jiqi@must.edu.mo
Leong, Wai Chun Assistant Professor R709 wchleong@must.edu.mo
Yang Xiao Yang Assistant Professor R774 xyyang@must.edu.mo
Li Yu Xi Lecturer R774 yxli@must.edu.mo
Shiu Shu He Lecturer R709 shshiu@must.edu.mo
Xing Chen Lecturer R774 cxing@must.edu.mo
Distinguished Guest Professor
Name Title Office Email
Gu Wei Min Distinguished Guest Professor A105  wmgu@must.edu.mo
Zhao Lin Distinguished Guest Professor A105 lzhao@must.edu.mo
Xu Ping Distinguished Guest Professor A105 pxu@must.edu.mo
Su De Chao Distinguished Guest Professor A105 dcsu@must.edu.mo
Liu Zhong Lin Distinguished Guest Professor A105 zliliu@must.edu.mo
Zou Zhi Gang Distinguished Guest Professor (FIE) A305b zgzou@must.edu.mo
Part Time Faculty
Name Title Office Email
Chu Jian Fang Visiting Professor    
Fan Ke Visiting Professor    
Gao Shi Xiang Visiting Professor    
Gong Ben Dong Visiting Professor    
He Xiao Xing Visiting Professor    
Hu Ning Sheng Visiting Professor    
Li Shi Yuan Visiting Professor    
Qian Yu Visiting Professor    
Zhang Wen Qin Visiting Professor    
Zhu Jin Song Visiting Professor    
Zhu Li Visiting Professor    
Du Jun Peng Guest Professor    
Lin Wei Visiting Associate Professor    
Chan Lai Lin Assistant Professor    
Ng Kin Ieng Assistant Professor    
Shen Cheng Fa Assistant Professor    
Zhu Hui Ming Assistant Professor    
Che Weng Si Lecturer    
Cheang Cheok Ming Lecturer    
Fang Jian Huang Lecturer    
Lu Feng Lian Lecturer    
Yang Yu Dong Visiting Associate Professor    
Yang Cong Visiting Professor    
Ng Chi Man Lecturer    
Chao Lai Kun Lecturer    
Raymond Si Tou Assistant Professor    
Wong Chun Kwong Lecturer    
Wu Kuok Nin Lecturer    
Leong Iok Kei Guest Lecturer    
Ma Chak Wa Guest Lecturer    
Cheang U Instructor    
Chen Ming Instructor    
Chen Wei Liang Instructor    
Chiang, Siu Ling Instructor    
Leong Un Ieng Instructor    
Ho Lek Fai Instructor    
Hoi Kio Heng Instructor    
Io Fei Long Instructor    
Kuan Chien Chuan Instructor    
Lai Iam Fong Instructor    
Wong Ut Ian Instructor    
Xu Zhi Wei Instructor    

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