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University English aims to train students to develop strong reading comprehension ability, as well as general ability in listening, writing and translation in English, enable students to use English to communicate and exchange information, lay down a solid foundation in the English language, grasp effective language learning skills, improve cultural qualities, and meet the demands of social development and economic growth.

In accordance with the curriculum, the undergraduate students (excluding the students of Bachelor in International Tourism Management) admitted in and/or prior to the 2018/2019 academic year must complete 20 credits of University English subjects, while the undergraduate students (excluding the students of Bachelor of Medicine and Bachelor of Surgery, Bachelor in International Tourism Management, and Bachelor of Arts in Foreign Language Studies (English Major only)) admitted in and/or after the 2019/2020 academic year must complete a total of 12 credits of University English subjects. University English consists of two levels: Level I and Level II; students move along the two levels according to their actual English proficiency until they have earned the required credits; they must have passed the lower level before moving forward to a higher level.


University English Subjects

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