M.U.S.T. Faculty of Information Technology Graduation Ceremony 2021

The Joint Graduation Ceremony of the Faculty of Information Technology, the Space Science Institute and the Macao Environmental Research Institute was held on June 9, 2021 at N101. More than 200 faculty and institute members, graduates and relatives attended the ceremony, including the President of M.U.S.T, Chair Professor Joseph Hun Wei Lee, Vice President of M.U.S.T, Chair Professor Zhihong Jiang, Dean of Faculty of Information Technology of M.U.S.T, Chair Professor Du Zhang, Director of Space Science Institute of M.U.S.T, Chair Professor Keke Zhang, Director of Macao Environmental Research Institute of M.U.S.T, Professor YiBing Ma and the CEO of MTel Telecom Co., Ltd., Dr Michael Choi.

Dean of the Faculty of Information Technology, Chair Professor Du Zhang made a speech at the graduation ceremony and wish the graduates will be successful in their future studies and work, he also hoped that the students would keep in touch with their alma mater. Especially, he reminded that the preparation of the Faculty Alumni Association, one of the branches of the University Alumni Association is in progress, and hoped that all graduates can join the faculty alumni association family. Subsequently, Chair Professor Keke Zhang and Professor Yibing Ma made speeches and wish all graduates’ studies and career can achieve to a higher level in the future.

After the opening speeches, the faculty invited the President of the M.U.S.T, Chair Professor Joseph Hun Wei Lee accompanied by the Dean/Director of the faculty/institute to present the certificate to graduates and take photos with them. After that, Dr. Michael Choi, the CEO of MTel Telecom Co., Ltd., was invited to make a speech and present the MTel Distinguished Graduate Award to students. Subsequently, As the representative of professors, Associate Professor Xiaoping Lu delivered a speech to the graduates and wish them all the best. At last, Wen Hui Ma, the representative of graduates, also delivered a speech on behalf of all the graduates, recall the four years university studies, said thanks for the teaching from M.U.S.T and looked forward to a better vision for the future. At the end of the ceremony, everyone sang the University Anthem together and the Graduation Ceremony ended in peace and harmony.

With the increasing comprehensive strength and social influence of M.U.S.T, the attention and recognition of the M.U.S.T graduates from the society are also increasing. The faculty of Information Technology will never stop our steps of advance. This is not only the end of a stage, but also the beginning of a new journey, the faculty wish all graduates have a better and brighter future of their own.


2020/2021 Graduation Ceremony Group photo

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