MUST Students Won the Gold Award of the University Group at the 2022 Macau Cybersecurity Technology Competition

The 2022 Macau Cyber ​​Security Technology Competition, hosted by the Macau Internet and Data Security Institute, and co-organized by the Macau Youth Professional Association and the Hong Kong Institute of Technology, was held at Macau University of Science and Technology (MUST) on September 18th. The competition adopted the globally popular style Capture The Flag (CTF) to test the players’ actual grasp of network security technology. After a fierce competition, the team Team0 of Macau University of Science and Technology (members: Tao, Zifeng; Zhang, Zihui; Bian, Yuxin; Zhao, Zixin) finally won the Gold Award (the first place) and Special Award of the University Group.

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The Gold Award of 2022 Macau Cybersecurity Technology Competition

Winning the championship of Team0 is inseparable from members’ efforts and the support of the university. After winning the award, Team0’s member TAO Zifeng gave some testimonials: “In the stage of preparing for the competition, I was very nervous. Although I usually have some understanding of network security-related knowledge, I still need to spend more time on training and studying more deeply for the competition. The preparation stage is during the summer vacation. Considering the different schedules of teammates during the holidays, group meetings can only be arranged at night and often last all night to discuss problems. Assistant professor LIANG Zhiyao from the School of Computer Science and Engineering, and graduate YANG Hongrui from the Information Technology Development Office, provided great support for preparing for the competition. Assistant professor LIANG Zhiyao prepared the latest learning materials in network security and highly efficient ideas for preparing for the competition, which provided a massive impetus for Team0 to win the championship.”

Two other participating teams of MUST also achieved excellent results. Team QinTianHui (members: LIU Junliang, ZHANG Xuefeng, HUANG Zien) won the Bronze Award of the public group. Team Blaster (members: HU Silan, TAN Ke) won the Merit Award of the university group.

Student competition in progress for Team0. The members are TAO Zifeng (right 1), ZHAO Zixin (right 2), ZHANG Zihui (left 1), and BIAN Yuxin (left 2).

The Bronze Award of 2022 Macau Cybersecurity Technology Competition

Student competition in progress for Team QinTianHui. The members are HUANG Zien (left ), LIU Junliang(middle), and ZHANG Xuefeng(right).

Student competition in progress for Team Blaster. The members are HU Silan (left 1) and TAN Ke (left 2).

TAN Ke (right) was receiving the merit award.