Students from the Faculty of Law Joined in 2022 “International Criminal Court Chinese Moot Court” and Won Awards

The team of Faculty of Law, M.U.S.T participated in 2022“ International Criminal Court Chinese Moot Court” online in Moot Court at Tower R in April 16, 2022. The team of our faculty consisted of four undergraduates Zhang Yi Ying, Li Tian Qi, Sun Rui and Diao Si xun, Assistant Professor Wang Jia and Assistant Professor Xue Wen Chao served as the instructors. In the final, Zhang Yi Ying got thumbs up from the judge and won the individual award of “the Best Debater of Prosecutors” for her solid understanding of the case and persuasive answers to the questions raised by judges.

The International Criminal Court Chinese Moot Court, which is held in one of the six official languages of International Criminal Court, aims to encourage students majoring in international law, criminal law and other disciplines to better understanding international law, particularly theories and practice of international criminal law, functions and procedures of court through carrying out the real judicial procedures and trials of virtual cases. It also aims to promote the value of international criminal law and international judicial organs in the Chinese context, enhancing forming an international community of practitioners of legal profession and the development of international criminal law and jurisprudence of international law.

The 2022 International Criminal Court Chinese Moot Court, hosted by the organizing committee of International Criminal Court Chinese Moot Court, attracted 81 teams of high education institutions all over the country. The number of participating teams hit a new high. Through fierce competition in the session of legal instruments, the MUST team was qualified to formal competition and competed for awards with more than 50 teams from other universities. The MUST team has started preparation work since the competition topics were announced by the organizing committee in September,2021 and has submitted complete legal instruments of the two sides in March, 2022. In April, the MUST team was qualified to the formal competition and took part in court debate. The whole competition lasted more than seven months. The members of MUST team were selected from the competition workshop which was organized before the competition. After searching and studying a number of Chinese and English literature, the four members of MUST team have completed English legal instruments with 30,000 words or more and participated in three court debates of the formal competition.

article2022042201 pic03

Team of the Faculty of Law (from left to right: Li Tian Qi, Diao Si Xun, Zhang Yi Ying, Sun Rui )


Zhang Yi Ying, the winner of individual award of “ the Best Debater of Prosecutors”, firstly expressed her thanks to the Faculty of Law for providing the precious opportunity to join in the competition, she also appreciated the instructors for their help. She said that the original purpose of participating in the competition was not winning awards, instead, the most attractive part is the sense of belief and achievement ,that is we've conquered so many challenges that ain't easy to over come. Although the competition is short, the experience would influence us throughout the lifetime. In the end, Miss Zhang expressed her thanks to the faculty for providing such a great platform again and wished the Faculty workshop of International Criminal Court Chinese Moot Court a great success and all the classmates great achievement.

article2022042201 pic02

Zhang Yi Ying joined in the competition ( second from the left of the second row)


Meanwhile, the Faculty also organized the team to participate in the International Criminal Court Moot Court Competition, English version. Assistant Professor Wang Jia and Assistant Professor Chen Bo worked as the instructors. The team for ICCMCC (English Version) is preparing for the court debate of global competition which will be held on line at the end of May.

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