Legal Practice and Education Centre

The Legal Practice and Education Centre was officially established on November 29, 2016 with the approval of the University. As a platform for the Faculty of Law to develop practical teaching, research, and social services, the Centre focuses on developing students’ legal practice skills, expanding exchanges and cooperation between the Faculty of Law and the legal profession, and contributing to the development of legal education and the rule of law.

In addition to full-time faculty members with legal practice experience from the Faculty of Law, the Centre also invites eminent legal professionals to serve as senior consultants and senior instructors, in order to provide students with practical teaching activities that are more closely related to the practice of law and to strengthen the integrated learning of both legal theories and practice.

The establishment of the Centre has received strong support from domestic and foreign legal institutions, and has now signed a number of cooperation agreements with law firms and judicial organs. As the internship base for law students, the Centre will cooperate with the its partners in carrying out research and jointly organizing academic activities on a wide arrange of topics, focusing on the teaching and learning of legal practice.

The Centre will offer case study courses, undertake research projects, host lectures and training on legal theory and practice, and provide professional consulting services to internal and external organizations and government departments through practical teaching.

In the future, the Centre will continue to promote exchanges and cooperation with the legal community in the region and the world, as well as with the international legal community in the field of legal practice teaching. The Centre aims to expand its academic regulation and to seek a broader space for practical teaching and academic research, which could combine legal theory and practice.