Standing out! The Graduate Student of the Faculty Obtained the Dr. Liu Chak Wan Scholarship to Pursue Further Studies in the University of Oxford

Mr. Zhang Jia Wei, an undergraduate student of 2020 Class, obtained the Dr. Liu Chak Wan Scholarship to pursue further studies in the University of Oxford. He is the first graduate who obtained the scholarship in M.U.S.T. Previously, Mr. Zhang has been awarded the degree of Master of Laws in University of California, Berkeley.

Macau University of Science and Technology is partnering up with University of Oxford, to offer the Dr. Liu Chak Wan Scholarships, commencing academic year 2022/2023, to support two graduates of M.U.S.T. to undertake Master Degrees at the University of Oxford each year. The scholarships are made possible thanks to the generosity of  M.U.S.T.’s Chancellor, Dr. Liu Chak Wan, and will cover the cost of the recipient’s course fees and living expenses in Wolfson College, Oxford. Wolfson College is one of the largest graduate colleges in the University of Oxford. Dr. Liu Chak Wan plans to offer more opportunities to M.U.S.T. students to undertake further studies and broaden their international vision. He looks forward to the day when the scholarship recipients return to offer their expertise and share their multi-cultural experience. He is eager to witness how they would utilise their multi-faceted intellectual approaches to propose new measures to promote Macao and China’s development.





Zhang Jia Wei were diligent and had excellent academic performance during his undergraduate study, for which he was awarded as excellent student of the Principal’s List. With definite targets, Mr.Zhang found his interests in Law of Intellectual Property Rights, particularly Copyright Law. He made thorough research and published several professional essays with the guidance of lecturers, which won several prizes.



Mr. Zhang Jia Wei obtained the degree of Bachelor of Laws in Macau University of Science and Technology


Completing his undergraduate study, Zhang Jia Wei pursued further study in University of California, Berkeley. He held office as a reviewer of Berkeley Technology Law Journal and assisted his professor in the revision work of some sections of the California Privacy Right Act as the research assistant.



Mr. Zhang Jia Wei obtained the degree of Master of Laws in University of California, Berkeley


Mr Zhang Jia Wei said that the program of MPhil in Law in the University of Oxford offers all-round legal methods for candidates, lying solid foundation for their coming research, that is why he applied the program.

Mr. Zhang expressed his gratitude to Dr. Liu Chak Wan for his generosity and he said Dr. Liu Chak Wan’s kindness and expectation to Macao’s education will motivate more youngsters to pursue greater achievement sedulously. Meanwhile, he also express his appreciation to teachers in the Faculty of Law. He said he would like to be a legal researcher who excels in Information Law and Science and Technology Law and he would commit to pursue information regulation modes which are most conducive to promote public interests through combining methods of Law and Economics,Law and Social Science.

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