M.U.S.T. CPR Office

The Communications and Public Relations Office functions as the main window of the University to the outside world. Its scope of responsibilities lies in reinforcing the cooperation and connection between the University and the communities, in upholding its image and reputation by promoting the University’s educational principles, missions, goals, strategic plans and achievements through a variety of communication mediums such as the University website and the press, and by organizing events, receptions and tours.

The scope of media services from the Communications and Public Relations Office:

  • Media publicity (press invitations/news releases/press conferences/interviews/feature report, etc.)
  • Media enquiries
  • Media monitoring
  • Liaising experts and scholars
  • Placing advertisements for congratulatory messages and other promotional materials


Your Comments

M.U.S.T. will listen to your valuable comments. Please provide your contact details and channel your comments through:

Contact the Communication and Public Relations Office at +853 8897 2257

Fax to (+853) 2882 7222

E-mail to pr@must.edu.mo


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Contact the Communication and Public Relations Office

Tel: (+853) 8897 2257

Fax: (+853) 2882 7222

E-mail: pr@must.edu.mo