M.U.S.T. doctoral student’s paper published on top international engineering technology journal

Li Zhong Jun, 2016 doctoral candidate of the Faculty of Information Technology at Macau University of Science and Technology, had a paper titled “High-Performance Photo-Electrochemical Photodetector Based on Liquid-Exfoliated Few-Layered InSe Nanosheets with Enhanced Stability” published by Advanced Functional Materials, a highly acclaimed international journal in the field of engineering technology and materials with a latest impact factor of 12.124. Li’s research achievement represented the significant progresses made by M.U.S.T. in the field of engineering technology and materials, as well as his great potential in future research and development.

The paper introduced a photoelectrochemical (PEC)-type few-layered InSe photodetector that exhibited higher photocurrent density, faster response, and high stability under the irradiation of sunlight, which demonstrated the great applied potential of InSe as an excellent photodetector. Li Zhong Jun also presented research findings on relation between detection effect and light intensity and electrolyte concentration, which provided important references for research on photodetection of other materials. Moreover, based on specific requirements with special processing and design, InSe is expected to be able to be applied in solar cells, photocatalytic water splitting for hydrogen production, solar tracking equipment, and other PEC areas.

Li Zhong Jun is the 1st author of the paper, and is jointly supervised by Professor Li Jian Qing and Professor Zhang Han from the Faculty of Information Technology. The paper presented partial research outcomes of a research project, “Non-linear Ultrafast Optical Effect of 2D Black Phosphorus”, funded by the Macao Science and Technology Development Fund (FDCT).

(From left: Prof. Li Jian Qing, Li Zhong Jun, Prof. Zhang Han)