M.U.S.T. student Yuqian SHEN won the second prize in the 2019“FLTRP•ETIC Cup” English Public Speaking Contest

Yuqian SHEN, freshman of School of Business, M.U.S.T., won the 2nd prize at the 2019“FLTRP•ETIC Cup” English Public Speaking Contest which was held in Beijing earlier in December.

The winner of the Second prize Yuqian SHEN

In this national contest, 182 contestants made into the grand final and there were top 3 winners from all provincial and regional contests (including Macao), and the winners from the Internet-based contest. The intense competition consists of four parts: prepared speech, impromptu speech, the Q&A session and knowledge quizzes. Shen, with her fluent English, elegant stage presence, agile mind and excellent critical thinking skills, won the second prize in the grand final round. As a non-English major, she is able to express her ideas freely in English, which demonstrates the great potential of the students in Macau University of Science and Technology. Her good performance also bears testimony to the achievements of the general education program of M.U.S.T.. Her tutor, Dr. Lei Kai Cheong, also won the 2nd prize in the Best Tutor Award.

The contest has already been held for over 10 years and has attracted contestants from the whole nation bringing huge positive impact to the society. The organizing committee of the contest always adheres to a wide range of participation from all regions, a rigorous competition system, professional supervision, and fair evaluation and judgment. It aims to create the most authoritative and professional English public speaking contest for university students.