M.U.S.T. Students Claim the Top Eight at 2019 Global Management Challenge – Macao Regional Final

Organized by Macau Management Association, the Prize Presentation Ceremony for the “Bank of China Trophy – 2019 Global Management Challenge – Hong Kong and Macao Regional Final” was held on January 14, 2020. Macau University of Science and Technology claimed a total of eight prizes, including the champion, first and second runner-ups. The championed team named “Instinctive” will represent Macao to compete in the international final to be held in Lisbon, Portugal, in May, going against other teams representing forty countries and regions striving to claim the world champion.

At the site of the prize presentation ceremony

This year at the Macau regional contest of the Global Management Challenge there were altogether 178 participating teams. Eventually, 8 teams excelled and survived the fierce competition of the preliminary and secondary rounds and entered the regional final. Since this year the Macao regional final started to adopt the rules of the international final, which was a first, and no electronic equipment or documents of any kind was allowed to be brought into the final, the finalists were facing new challenges. The final this year places emphasis on the understanding of the Challenge itself, team-based collaboration, and on-site adaptability. The finalists had to construct models on site, conduct analysis of the historic data of the competition fast, integrate special knowledge, and formulate tactics. The changes of competition rules are conducive to the fairness and professionalism of the contest, and enable more effective representation of the participants’ actual abilities.

The championed team Instinctive is teamed up by students of Finance Major, Yang Yindong, Jiang Junyi and Zhegn Bowen, and Supply Chain Majoring Chen Ke Hui of School of Business (MSB), and coached by Associate Prof. Lin Yongjia of MSB. Yang Yindong said that at the final, the team had to start from scratch, place emphasis on understanding the competition itself, value team collaboration, and focus on how to construct models at a short time; thus, it had been key to be able to apply the special knowledge learned previously to analyze the historic data. During the contest, the team elevated their adaptability and communication skills, and came to understand how to conduct mathematical modeling and manage a company well. The team is looking forward to the international final, and said they would try their best.

The runner-up team named GWZ is teamed up by Accounting Major students of MSB, Gu Yilin, Zhang Ye, and Wang Xiaoyu, also coached by Associate Prof. Lin Yongjia. Gu Yilin said that the competition has blessed the team with a very rewarding experience, has improved their team-based cooperation ability, and would greatly benefit their future career development.

The second runner-up team named Lethal is teamed up by Accounting Major students of MSB, Liu Yijin and Xin Meixuan, and Supply Chain Management student Ren Siyuan. Liu Yijin said that the Global Management Challenge not only enabled them to apply the professional knowledge they have learned in class, but also helped them learn how to delegate jobs and at the same time work as a team. Simulating corporate decision-making has enabled them to understand more knowledge related to company operation.

The 4th place winner is named SPROUTING, which is made up of MSB students Zhao Yifei and Wuxue and Faculty of Information Technology student He Xinyi. The 5th place winner is named Alpha and is made up of MSB students Zhang Tianyu, Chen Meijing and Zhao Lelin. The 6th place winner is named Beta and is teamed up by MSB students Bai Jingyi and Liu Xianyin. The 7th place winning team is named Tuesday and is teamed up by MSB students Hu Siyu and Zheng Yushuo and Faculty of Chinese Medicine student Zhang Hanbo, and the 8th place was taken by Team FJZFBA, which is teamed up by MSB students Zou Enqi, Chen Yiheng, Rao Ningyuan and Luo Chengyan.

At the site of the prize presentation ceremony

Group photo of the student winners

The Global Management Challenge is a corporate management simulation contest across the five continents with official recognition from The European Foundation for Management Development (EFMD), and has a history of over two decades. Every year, based on the global economy, variations are made to the Challenge to bring about a set of brand new history. The participating teams have to act on the current state of affairs, integrate knowledge of various aspects such as finance, management, and operation, and make adaptive decisions. By way of the competition, the students are able to consolidate their knowledge base and improve their management and decision-making standards significantly, and as a result, they all regard the Challenge as a valuable opportunity for them to build up some real experience.