Organized by MUST Alumni Federation and co-organized by The Faculty of Hospitality and Tourism Management (F.H.T.M.) Macau University of Science and Technology, the Lecture on the Exploration of Gourmet Brought by Simple Cooking with Mr. Lin Zhenbiao was hosted on November 26, 2021. The event was attended by Prof. Ben K. Goh, Dean of F.H.T.M., Prof. Zhang Yang and Prof. Brenda Yang, Program Director of F.H.T.M., Ms. Vivian Tang, Vice Chief Director of MUST Alumni Federation and over 40 students and teachers at O203. Nearly 400 students participated in online lecture.

▲Group Photo

Mr. Lin Zhenbiao is a gourmet expert, a national first-level public nutritionist and a writer. His masterpieces include "A Taste of Chaoshan", "A Taste of Simple Cooking", "A Taste of Shanghai" and "A Taste of Tea". Mr. Lin Zhenbiao is fond of conducting in-depth research and innovation on local customs and local cuisine.

▲Mr. Lin Zhenbiao (left) Presented Books to Prof, Ben K. Goh, Dean of FHTM

▲Prof, Ben K. Goh, Dean of FHTM (right) Presented a Souvenir to Mr. Lin Zhenbiao

▲ Ms. Vivian Tang, Vice Chief Director of MUST Alumni Federation (right) Presented a Token of Appreciation to Mr. Lin Zhenbiao

Prof. Ben K. Goh, gave a warm welcome speech to the guests and said M.U.S.T. has kept enriching the students’ learning and experiences and enhancing their professional skills through offering or holding all kinds of courses, master lectures and culinary workshops. The university expects that through these events students may have the opportunities to learn and appreciate talent of top chefs and to know more about simple cooking.

▲Prof. Ben K. Goh Gave a Welcome Speech

At the sharing session, Mr. Lin Zhenbiao pointed out that the deliciousness lies in the combination of high-quality ingredients and simple cooking methods, so that the nutritional value would be retained. At the same time, he also shared his experience in gourmet cooking to the students and encouraged them to keep curious all the time and actively explore unknown areas.

▲Mr. Lin Zhenbiao Shared his Experience in the Culinary Industry

▲Mr. Lin Zhenbiao Demonstrated his Signature Dishes