FHTM Students Participated in a Pizza Workshop at the Grand Lisboa Hotel

To enhance local culinary skills, SJM Resorts, S.A. invited more than 20 Food and Beverage Management students and lecturer Chef Yves Duron to participate in a Pizza Workshop held in Casa Don Alfonso, Grand Lisboa Hotel on May 6, 2022. Chef Maurizio Ferrini demonstrated the skills of pizza making and shared his experience to the students.

Group Photo

Chef Maurizio Ferrini is best at making Neapolitano pizzas with over 10 years of experience in Naples, South Italy. During the workshop, Chef Maurizio Ferrini introduced Neapolitano pizza and its making method, followed by a demonstration session of two types of Neapolitano pizza. He skillfully put the pizza into a stone oven at thousand degrees to fry. After the demonstration session, the students were divided into groups to make their own pizzas under Chef Maurizio Ferrini’s guidance. Students actively asked questions and showed their interest in making pizza, while Chef Maurizio Ferrini patiently answered their questions and guided them.

Chef Maurizio Ferrini Teaching Students

The workshop enriched the students’ learning and experiences and enhanced their professional skills in making pizza. They also had the opportunity to learn from the renowned chef in person and experience Italian culture, which will undoubtedly be a great treasure for their future careers.

Neapolitano pizza

Students Take Photo with Their Handmade Pizza