FHTM was Invited to Report on the “Rural Revitalization of the Greater Bay Area and the Integration of Urban-rural Culture and Tourism” Seminar

The Topic of the Seminar

On December 4, 2022, the Macau University of Science and Technology was invited to attend the Seminar on “Rural Revitalization of the Greater Bay Area and the Integration of Urban-rural Culture and Tourism”. Associate Professor Jose Weng Chou Wong of the Faculty of Hospitality and Tourism Management (FHTM) presented a report.

The seminar was sponsored by the School of Tourism Management, Sun Yat-Sen University, organized by the Guangdong Research Base of Philosophy and Social Sciences (Center for Tourism, Leisure and Social Development, Sun Yat-Sen University), and the Guangdong Provincial Key Laboratory of Philosophy and Social Sciences (Key Laboratory of Humanities Community in Greater Bay Area, Sun Yat-Sen University), and supported by the Guangdong Provincial Federation of Social Sciences. Researchers from related fields were invited to share new ideas, approaches, and trends in rural revitalization, and urban-rural cultural and tourism integration. It also focused on the current situation, development trends, opportunities, and challenges of urban-rural cultural and tourism integration in the Greater Bay Area for in-depth discussion. It is hoped that through this exchange platform, good academic exchanges and cooperation will be established to facilitate the rural revitalization and urban-rural integrated development of the Greater Bay Area.

Renowned scholars and experts from top universities across the country were invited, including Sun Yat-Sen University, Tsinghua University, Peking University, the University of Hong Kong, the Hong Kong Polytechnic University, Beijing Normal University, South China University of Technology, Sichuan University, Nanjing University, Jinan University, South China Normal University and Guangdong Federation of Social Sciences, Center for Taiwan, Hong Kong and Macau Studies, Chinese Academy of Social Sciences, etc.

The Participants of the Seminar

Associate Professor Jose Weng Chou Wong delivered a presentation on the topic of “Opportunities and Challenges for Interdisciplinary Research on Macao Cultural Tourism”. He initiated an in-depth discussion from three aspects: “New industrial Trends in Macao”, “The Development of Macao Universities and the Current Situation of the Greater Bay Area”, and “Future Development Bottlenecks and Challenges”. At the closing ceremony, he made a concluding speech on behalf of professors from Hong Kong and Macao.

Under the background of the rapid development of the Greater Bay Area, FHTM will continue to improve its teaching and research standards, work closely with other universities and experts in various fields across the country, and continue to strengthen research and cooperation on the integration of urban and rural culture and tourism, to play Macao's unique role in the Rural Revitalization and Urban-rural Integration of the Greater Bay Area.

Associate Professor Jose Weng Chou Wong Presented a Report