MUST calls for press conference for 2011/12 annual report

  Macau University of Science and Technology (MUST) held a press conference on 7th November, in connection with the release of the university’s Annual Report 2011/12. Rector Xu Aoao, Standing Vice-rector Zhang Shu Guang, Vice-rector Liu Liang, Vice-rector Chen Xi and Vice-Rector Tong Ka Lok attended this event.

  Rector Xu Aoao noted that as this is the first MUST Annual Report to be published, he has included in it a review of the history and experience of MUST’s progress. MUST has insisted on the combination of theoretical knowledge and practical learning, creating a unique culture of its own and raising the academic level of the university. Within its brief history (12 years), MUST has shaped itself into a university which nurtures innovative talents. MUST now operates the only State Key Laboratory of Quality Research in Chinese Medicine and it is working on establishing further state-level high technology platforms. Research institutes in humanities and social sciences have sprung up in the university, conducting research at a high level and contributing to the public debate on and solution of problems facing Macau as its society develops. MUST promotes continuing education in Macau and the formation of Macau as a learning society, as well as its work in General Education for young adults, bringing considerable benefit to society.

  Standing Vice-rector Zhang Shu Guang and Vice-rector Liu Liang gave a short introduction to the contents of MUST’s Annual Report 2011/12, noting that it included a record of the many achievements and progress in academic matters, teaching and learning, scientific research, university administration and its several support units, thereby reporting to all sectors of the community and all staff and students.

  Standing Vice-rector Zhang Shu Guang mentioned that in teaching and learning, several new programs, majors and courses have been proposed, which are designed to meet the needs of Macau’s development. Over time MUST has witnessed an increase in the quality of its new students and both the quality and quantity of its postgraduates. The Education Development Centre has been inaugurate to promote quality teaching and learning. The ‘Great Masters’ seminar series has been running for some 6 years, with more than 100 experts making presentations at MUST. The newly proposed seminars on Macau society and cultures enable teachers and students to know more about life and society in Macau. This enables the university to fit well with the society and exert a certain and inestimable influence on society.

  Vice-rector Liu Liang remarked that MUST’s progress in research achievements is inspiring. Considerable progress has been made since the establishment of the State Key Laboratory of Quality Research in Chinese Medicine. Research grants from different organizations have greatly increased. The number of academic papers of the highest international quality has also increased, not least with the publication by MUST scholars of a significant article in the leading international journal ‘Nature’. MUST has been awarded the prize for science and technology from China and the Macau Government, and its Space Science Institute and research have been recognized by the Core Team in Science and Application of State Deep Space Exploration. As another platform for state-level scientific research is shortly to commence, the future prospects for academic research in MUST are very bright. Clearly scientific research in MUST is beginning to soar.

  In other areas, the university’s ‘mentor system’ has been refined and the psychological consultancy service has been extended. The work of the Centre for Entrepreneurship and Career Planning has been recognized by staff and students. Students’ activities are becoming increasingly attractive, with many students participating. Student exchange programs are flourishing. A new university infrastructure has been proposed and its inception is eagerly anticipated. MUST is going to be yet more vigorous and lively.

  Rector Xu Aoao commented that the achievements of MUST in the past academic year are comprehensive. He expects MUST to raise even further its teaching standard, thus serving the Macau community in its blooming development.

 MUST calls for press conference for 2011/12 annual report