MUST Social Service Team was invited by the program “Love in the little town” of Macau Radio

MUST Social Service Team, guided by the Student Affairs Office of MUST, was invited by the program “Love in the little town” of Macau Radio on Jan 15th 2022. Deputy leaders including LAM, WENG IO and Zhou Chunyi, representing the whole team accepted the interview. As college students to shared some stories about engaging in social service during these years.  

Deputy leader Lin Yongyao (the second one from the left) Deputy leader Zhou Chunyi (the second one from the right) Tutor from theStudent Affairs Office Hao Chi Wan (the first one from the left) took a picture with the host Mr. Liang Qixian

At the beginning, the two Deputy leaders introduced a series of social service, including Funding for charities, environment-friendly activities on campus and cooperating events with local institutes etc. Lin said that through engaging in social service, he gained some skills for communicating with different target group like the seniors and children. He also tried to meet various people needs. Zhou concluded that she built up her empathy during doing social service.   

She also mentioned about the warmth within people when she got touched during participating in the Caritas Macau Charity Bazzar and Walk for millions etc. Moreover, Deputy leader mentioned about the preparation work before every activity. They usually have a meeting with tutors from the Student Affairs Office. Each activity requires planning, poster designation, text edition etc., which encourage students to apply what they learn from their major to activities.  

In the end, two Deputy leaders give their wishes to the team. They wished that every member will keep their original goal in mind. They also showed their willingness to cooperate with more local organizations in the future as well as setting up more events. Due to the pandemic, more online activities may be held, which will help more members to apply their specialties to serve people in need and contribute to the society!

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