Social Service Team of Macau University of Science and Technology took part in the fifty-third Caritas Macau Charity Bazaar

The 53rd “Caritas Macau Charity Bazaar”has been successfully held on November 5th to 6th 2022 at Nautical Centre Nam Van lake. Nearly 50 members of MUST Social Service Team, which is supervised by MUST Student Affairs Office, took part in the event. Campus Safety Inspection Team and Volunteer Association of Students' Union supervised by the Student Affairs Office also sent more than 15 members for venue management and safety maintenance during the bazaar.

The Head of the Student Affairs Office Ms Wong Ka Weng(middle) and mentors of SST came to the booth

The theme of the charity bazar this year was ‘WITH LOVE AND ENCOURAGEMENT WE WALK TOGETHER’. The bazaar aimed at raising money for charity services of Caritas Macau, which could support the local family with financial difficulties, the senior, the disable and people in need. There were about one hundred booths in total, which were set by government departments, social societies, schools, voluntary teams, enterprises and service units of Caritas Macau. Social Service Team has always been supporting to the public good. This year, they presented an elaborate game called ‘Stick the nose’and provide Various prizes and to draw a number of citizens for joining the game.

After the activity, Team member Yang Haozhi said, “As a new member of the team, ‘Caritas Macau Charity Bazaar’ was a good opportunity for me to get in touch with Macao society. We introduced the booth games to passers-by in front of the booth. After listening to our introduction, many parents got interested in and would like to have a try with their children, which also enhanced our confidence in communicating with others. I also enjoyed guiding children to play, their naive and adorabe behaviors always made me feel warm and cannot help speaking softly and patiently. I was moved by the warmth of the Social Service Team when contributing my strength to society with other team members as well”

Another team member Peng Yuezheng said that it was her first time to take part in an event as a role who to get more people to come to our booth. She felt excited and had a better understanding of the significance of charity activities. She also had a sense of satisfaction after that and felt happy seeing the smiles on the faces of children and adults who participated in the activities.


Students who participated in the activity took a group photo in front of the booth

Children enjoyed the game

Campus Safety Inspection Team and Volunteer Association of Students' Union supported the venue management and safety maintenance during the bazaar

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