Dormitory activities

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Celebrating Mid-Autumn festival and enjoying mooncakes

Mid-Autumn festival celebration is one of traditional cultural activities, dormitory residents gather together to eat moon cakes and appreciate the lantern. Through this activity, residents can experience the Chinese culture, learn to share with others, increase the interaction and communication with roommates, shorten the distance between each other, experience the warmth of "home".

Fire drill

In order to make all dormitory residents to understand the fire knowledge, raise the safety consciousness, acquaint the survival skills when a fire occurs, Student Affairs Office arrange five students’ dormitories to perform Fire Drill in November every year.

student dormitory facility 20
student dormitory facility 20

Cantonese class

Cantonese is a major language of Hong Kong, Macau and the Pearl River Delta region of China. This class is set up to promote understanding of Cantonese and Macau culture,help non-local students adapt to local life.

Cleaning week

In order to raise the awareness of cleanliness and cultivate the habit of cleanliness, the dormitory carries out a cleaning contest from the beginning of the semester to November every year.

student dormitory facility 20
student dormitory facility 20

“Fai Chun” Writing for Chinese New Year

Dormitory residents are encouraged to write Fai Chun to celebrate Chinese New Year and decorate dorm room.

Lantern festival celebration

Dormitory celebrates this festival with Lantern of Riddles, which consists of idioms, name of places, etc. that are very informative. The activity not only enhances residents’ understanding of Chinese culture festival and the charm of Chinese culture, but also draws closer distance of residential students from all over the world, to learn more about each other's cultures and celebrate the Lantern Festival together!

student dormitory facility 20
student dormitory facility 20

Table tennis friendly competition

Table tennis friendly competition, organized by dormitory every year, aims to promote friendship among all dormitory residents, and enriches their extracurricular activities and residential life. Members of the table tennis club of the university are invited to serve as judges in this competition, which consists of men's and women's singles.

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