We provide student dormitory to the students which come from the Mainland, Hong Kong, Taiwan and other countries. On-campus dormitory is mainly for freshmen and pre-university students while the off-campus dormitory undergraduates of higher classes and the master students.

Article 1 (Purpose)

1.     The Rules are applicable to all students residing in MUST dormitory;

2.     The students are obliged to comply with the rules from above-mentioned an article, and also to comply with existing rules and regulations, orders and instructs of the University.

Article 2 (Authority)

The MUST Dormitory Management Committee has the sole authority for ensuring the execution of the Rules and intervening in all affairs relating to MUST dormitory students. No other institutions or departments fall within this scope of authority.

Article 3 (Requirements)

1.     All full-time students of Macau University of Science and Technology can apply the student dormitory refer to Dormitory Rules and Regulation for details about the priority.

2.     Non-local students in the first year of study will normally be admitted to student dormitory. After the first academic year, they can submit the application to the Office of Student Affairs within the prescribed period before the end of the academic year for continuation. If a residing student does not submit his/her application for continuation, the University considers that he/she will withdraw from the dormitory.

3.     Non-local freshmen may apply for staying with their direct relatives (parents) residing in Macau through the Office of Student Affairs. When their application is permission from the Office of Student Affairs, he/she residing off campus is possible.

Article 4 (Requirements of the priorities approval)

1.     Non-local undergraduate freshmen /pre-university freshmen;

2.     Non-local undergraduate female students applying for second-year residence;

3.     Non-local undergraduate male students applying for second-year residence;

4.     Non-local undergraduate female students applying for third-year or above residence;

5.     Non-local undergraduate male students applying for third-year or above residence;

6.     Non-local master and doctor freshmen;

7.     Non-local postgraduate students applying for second-year or above residence;

8.     Other students.

Article 5 (Application Procedures)

1.     Upon receipt of the "Application for Dormitory" and "Payment Slip", the new students should make payment to the designated bank account before deadline and return the form to the University by either fax or mail.

2.     Within the prescribed period before the end of the academic year, the current student needs to submit an application for dormitory accommodation for the next academic year. Each successful applicant must sign an agreement within the prescribed period for confirm the accommodation of the dormitory. And he/she should make the payment for the accommodation of the dormitory within the prescribed period.

3.     Duplicate student can apply the student dormitory for accommodation while he/she submit his/her application for resuming studies .

Article 6 (Residence arrangement)

1.     Room and bed shall be allocated by the computer, dormitory residents are forbidden to swap their beds or rooms privately, but the student may apply for the permission from the Office of Student Affairs for demands. It may charge $500 as the relevant administration fees. If the student to swap their beds or rooms privately, the Office of Student Affairs may put he/she name included in "bad list of residence record".

2.     The dormitory is a suite with private bathroom, student desk, wardrobe and bedding, air-conditioning, central electricity and hot and cold water supply (please refer to the tariff of the student dormitory), free internet connection, etc.

3.     The bedding fee covers a whole set of bedding, to include a mattress, a quilt, a thin quilt and a pillow; 2 bed sheets, 2 quilt covers, 2 pillow cases.

4.     During moving in the dormitory, dormitory residents are required to identify all the furniture, equipments, personal items, keys etc since they are also responsible for the maintenance of the above items and the tidiness of the room environment.

Article 7 (Residence fee and payment arrangement)

Please refer to the notice of the University and tariff of the student dormitory.

Article 8 (In and out of the dormitory)

1.     Dormitory residents should present their student card to the security guard when entering the dormitory.

2.     All residents are not allowed to enter the rooms and the floors of dormitory for the opposite sex.

3.     Dormitory residents are prohibited to use the emergency exit, except in the case of fire.

4.     All residents are forbidden to go out after 11:00PM. In an emergency, dormitory residents should write down the detail reason and destination and can only go out under the permission from the Office of Student Affairs. The accommodation security guard should inform the Office of Student Affairs staff immediately in case.

5.     Under normal circumstances, no dormitory residents are allowed to enter or go out of the dormitory 12:00a.m. to 6:00 a.m. If there is a need to do so, a record of time and reason for outing has to register in the Security room and submitted to the Office of Student Affairs the next day.

6.     Name checking starts at 10:00PM to 11:00PM daily. All dormitory residents must take attendance in the reception area on the ground floor. If dormitory residents have not do name checking or do not residence in the dormitory, the Office of Student Affairs will be contact he/she parents to tell them about this, if he/she is continuing not to do the name checking, the Office of Student Affairs may put he/she name included in "bad list of residence record".

7.     Dormitory residents who need to stay overnight outside of the dormitory, he/she must apply for leave at least a-working-day in advance from the Office of Student Affairs.

Article 9 (Visits)

1.     Visiting hours are from 8:00a.m. to 10:00p.m.

2.     Visitors should register at the security room before visiting.

3.     They can only be allowed to stay in the reception area on the ground floor. If visitors would like to visit another dormitory scope, dormitory residents must apply for at least a-working-day in advance from the Office of Student Affairs.

4.     All visits must not cause any disturbance to the residents in the same dormitory.

5.     The Office of Student Affairs has the right to refuse some particular visit.

Article 10 (Dormitory public facilities)

1.     Public facilities like laundry room, public kitchen, lobby and rooftop are open to dormitory residents to use.

2.     Dormitory residents must according to time regulations use the public facilities.

3.     Dormitory residents should use public facilities with care and read the operation guidelines before use. If residents misuse or damage any public facilities, the Office of Student Affairs will execute according to Article 16 of the Dormitory Rules.

Article 11 (Cleaning/Hygiene)

1.     Dormitory residents shall be responsible of cleaning the public areas of the dormitories.

2.     Dormitory residents shall be responsible for the tidiness of the rooms and prepare the cleaning equipments by themselves.

3.     Rubbish needs to be disposed in the bag and taken into the public rubbish bin of the public kitchen/rubbish rooms each floor.

Article 12 (Inspection)

1.     Appointed staff from the Dormitory Management Committee will carry out periodic inspection of the public areas and dormitory rooms, to ensure the Rules are duly complied with.

2.     Above-mentioned article does not need to ask for the dormitory residents to consent before inspection.

Article 13 (Emergency procedures)

1.     24-hour security guards are on duty in order to provide assistance to dormitory residents in case of emergency.

2.     Professionals of the Office of Student Affairs supervise the situation and give instructions.

3.     3. In case of emergency, dormitory residents should contact the security guard on duty in the building. The following situations should be regarded as emergency: Fire; Flood; Emergency caused by typhoon; other threats against the safety and benefits of dormitory residents.
< For details, please refer to "Dormitory Resident Guidance" >

Article 14 (Disciplinary measures)

1.     Dormitory residents have to follow all the rules and regulations stated in the university’s current "Student Handbook".

2.     Dormitory residents are responsible to the Dormitory Management Committee for any of their misbehaviours.

3.     Misbehaviours such as not following the university’s current regulations, orders or instructions are treated as violation of discipline.

4.     Despite of the university’s current rules and regulations, any orders or instructions, any of the following situations are regarded as violation of discipline:
(1) . No keeping basic sanitary environment of the dormitory, such as the dormitory room very dirty and untidy, and the things is clutter on the floor.
(2) . Cause any harassment to other dormitory residents in dorms.
(3) . Generate excessive noise of any kind and disturb other dormitory residents after 11:00PM in dorms.
(4) . Gambling, drinking (alcohol consuming) and smoking in dorms.
(5) . The presence and use of any flammable products, dangerous items and banned items in dorms.
(6) . No fire or similar behaviour in dorms.
(7) . No buying such as store or similar behaviour in dorms.
(8) . Take or put things which are not approved in the public area in the building, such as take the chair or put cooking appliances.
(9) . Add or use other electrical items which are not approved in the room or public area in the building, such as cooking appliances.
(10) . Any behaviour causes damage to the property in general, public order, sanitary or safety in dorms.
(11) . Any behaviour causes no suitable to use and keep the property in general in dorms.
(12) . Adding or removing furniture and fitting in the room, and install the equipment which are not approved or making a duplicate set of keys to the room.
(13) . Any behaviour causes steal or cheat residents out of property and the dormitory equipment.
(14) . Entering rooms of other resident of opposite sex or allowing dormitory resident of opposite sex to enter the room without permission.
(15) . Leading or allowing visitors into the room without permission.
(16) . Move privately or having to stay overnight guests without permission.
(17) . Letting and renting or swap the bed without permission.
(18) . Keeping a pet in the dorms.

Article 15 (Procedures for disciplinary measures)

1.     Procedures for disciplinary measures differ from procedures for criminal offences.

2.     Procedures for disciplinary measures carried out are accordance with the existing rules and regulation, orders or guidelines of the University.

3.     Before any disciplinary actions, the case is investigated and measures applied depending on the seriousness of each case, in due accordance with the existing rules and regulation, orders or guidelines disciplinary actions of the University. Discipline are:
(1) . In writing of warning letter;
(2) . Serious warning;
(3) . Placing under observation;
(4) . Withdrawal from studies;
(5) . Expulsion from the University.

Article 16 (Damage and compensation)

1.     Regarding Properties Regulations of the University, dormitory residents shall be responsible to their rooms or the properties in general. If any loss and damage occurs, they are liable to pay the cost of the provided equipment.

2.     Any loss or damage will be calculated according to the ‘Price List of Properties in Dormitory’ after the investigation. Payment can be deducted from prepaid deposit fee.

Article 17 (Check-out procedures)

1.     Prior to move out, dormitory residents must follow the check-out procedures, and complete the formalities;

2.     After the first year of stay of non-local residents may choose outside the University to reside, but applications must be filed to the Student Affairs Office in annual May.

3.     Dormitory residents should previously inform parents to fulfill the confirmation with the Office of Student Affairs in advance before moving out of the dormitory.

4.     When terminating the accommodation, dormitory residents may fill in the form "Dormitory Room Clearance Request Form" and "Confirmation from student’s parent" to the Office of Student Affairs, and also the residents only can leave the dormitory under the permission from the Office of Student Affairs.

5.     If the dormitory residents do not complete the check-out formalities at 30 June, the University has the right to receive equal 2% of annual residence fee for the administration fees.

6.     Dormitory residents should return room keys and all other belongings of the University to the Office of Student Affairs.

7.     Dormitory residents shall empty their rooms of all personal possessions and rubbish.

8.     The University has the right to tidy all things out at the expiration date of the residence period. The details refer to the notice in the dormitory.

Article 18 (Doubts and omissions)

In case of doubts and omissions, solutions must be sought from the Dormitory Management Committee.

Article 19 (Activation and Revision)

The Rules shall come into effect on the next day of approval. The Dormitory Management Committee owns the right of revision and interpretation of the Rules.    

Remarks: The English translation here is for reference only. If there is any inconsistency or ambiguity between the Chinese version and the English version, the Chinese version shall consider.

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