Remarks from the Director

Zhi-Hong Jiang

Chair Professor Zhi-Hong Jiang

Traditional Chinese Medicine is an important research area of the Macau University of Science and Technology. After years of unremitting efforts and development, the first State Key Laboratory of Quality Research in Chinese Medicine (Macau University of Science and Technology) was approved by Ministry of Science and Technology of China and was formally established on January 25, 2011. After three years development, our SKL has significantly improved our technology platforms, reinforced our research teams, has been granted with numbers of research projects and achieved multiple research output which were praised by our society and experts. We have also passed the constructive period evaluation by the science experts in Jan, 2014. Here, we would like to express our sincere appreciation to the central government, Macau (SAR) government, science experts, and society members for their support and valuable suggestions.

The State Key Laboratory (SKL) is an important national platform for the continuous advancement of science and technology for the country. It is of great significance for the development of research in related fields of Chinese medicine through promoting scientific and technological cooperation between Macau and the Mainland as well as the overall development of science and technology in Macau.

The SKL has been rapidly growth since its establishment, a large number of multi-disciplinary research scientists including leading figures and young talents in the fields from well-known institutions in Hong Kong and aboard have joined our research team. For reaching the need of research in the key research areas, the Laboratory has purchased a large number of cutting-age apparatuses and established a number of high-technological platforms. All of the research quality projects and output have been increased significantly. Today, the SKL has built an excellent research team with first class research facilities in the field. And it has been highly competent to undertake and complete the national key scientific research tasks. In the past three years, we have published several hundred research articles, including Nature, Analytical Chemistry, Organic Letters, Cell Death & Diseases, Briefings in Bioinformatics and Journal of Chromatography A etc. We have also achieved multiple patents, 22 of them are international patents.

The SKL has been operating with an open, dynamic, cooperative and competitive manner. For nurturing excellent students and young scientists, we focus on recruiting more leading figures of research and cultivating the bright research talents who have broad and composite knowledge. For strengthening research, we focus on applying and combining cutting-age technologies and multi-disciplinary research methods so as to reach high level of synergistic innovation. For enhancing cooperation, we focus on further teaming up research consortia with the Mainland’s and overseas well-known institutions.

Chinese medicine is an outstanding cultural treasure of the Chinese nation. With advancement of science and technologies and change of the medical healthcare delivery system, the value of Chinese medicine for science and medicine will become more and more eye-catching. Its great developmental potentials have been highly recognized by the international scientific arena and the medical community. The SKL will take the responsibility of promoting Chinese medicine profession and industry in Macau and the Mainland. With a pioneering, innovative, rigorous, and realistic spirit for research and the need of science and technology development of the country, especially Chinese medicine, the SKL will emphasize on the highlighted and unresolved urgent issues in quality control of Chinese medicines as well as the innovative drug discovery from Chinese herbal medicine through establishment of multi-disciplinary innovative technologies, methods and standards, so that we could contribute advancement of science and technology for the country and betterment of health for human being, as well as growth of the diversified economy of Macau.

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