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Course Introduction:

Liberal Arts education is a reform of the traditional higher education training model, which has become the consensus of the current global higher education. Its goal is to train students not only in having a broad knowledge base, an interdisciplinary vision, the ability to analyze and solve problems with a clear career development field and direction, but most importantly, with a sound personality and noble morale. In the era of globalization, liberal arts education pays more attention to the cultivation of first-rate talents with cross-cultural communication and cooperation skills, an innovative consciousness, and deftness towards lifelong learning.

The Bachelor of Commerce (BOC) offered by School of Liberal Arts(SLA) is designed around the philosophy and model of liberal arts education. The whole curriculum system consists of three parts: "general education courses", "compulsory subject courses" and "professional compulsory subject courses". General education courses emphasize interdisciplinary curriculum content and broad knowledge base, including humanities, politics, history, contemporary social trends and current affairs, quantitative reasoning, comprehensive science and other aspects of knowledge, so that students can not only learn systematic knowledge in interdisciplinary learning, but also learn the thinking and learning methods of different disciplines. While the basic and professional courses pay attention to the foundation and depth of the subject, so that students can truly learn how to conduct academic discussion from the theoretical and practical level, and cultivate their ability of independent observation, critical thinking and communication.

In addition, compared with traditional business courses, this course has more flexibility and extensibility. First, students have a more flexible choice of majors after completing the general education. Students can continue their in-depth study of business courses and be awarded a Bachelor of Commerce (BOC) degree upon completion of credit courses and approval by the academic and teaching committees of the university. The SLA intends to extend teacher and student exchange projects with renowned universities overseas so that students will have ample opportunities for international exchange programs and study abroad opportunities.  Upon graduation, SLA students can have the advantages to be admitted to master's degree by an overseas university on the premise of meeting the English requirements.

Program features:

Emphasis on theory and case studies; Provide scholarship to outstanding students; Provide local or overseas internship opportunities; Emphasis on the cultivation of students 'practical ability and their personal quality development; With local characteristics, and can also adapt to the future trend of international development; Combination of theory and practice.


Career prospects:

The design of this course includes a set of diversified management knowledge, it mainly trains students to become enterprise management experts, after the completion of the course, students will have a lot of employment options, they can be engaged in various industries of administrative and management work, and will have a broad career prospects.

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