SCS has actively engaged in communications between students from Macao and Mainland and received nearly a total of 400 teachers and students from more than 20 universities in China

In January 2020, SCS received nearly a total of 400 teachers and students from more than 20 universities in China. The school has conducted a series of professional training and in-depth exchange programs on medicine, finance, and public policies.

In order to enhance students' understanding of Macao and the Greater Bay Area, the school has invited speakers and guests in various fields, including deans and professors from MUST and other universities, industry leaders, government or social welfare professionals to share experience and gave lectures to students.

More than 170 medical school students have participated in a large-scale medical exchange program. The program focuses on the medical system of Macau, which includes various topics such as ‘Special Medical Services for Elderlies in Macau’, ‘Infectious Diseases and Infection Control, ‘Community and Family Medical Treatment’, and ‘Handling of Medical Malpractice Matters’. At the same time, students have visited related facilities such as the ’Macau Dementia Friendly Community’ of the Macau health bureau.

On the other hand, the group of finance/ accounting/ business administration students were participated in the ‘International Elite Campus Travel and Learning Project’, it includes various topics such as ‘Macao Science Innovation and Economic Development of Tourism’, ‘One-Belt-One-Road and the Development Opportunities of the Greater Bay Area’, ’Application of BlockChain Technology in Tourism, Finance, and Logistics’, and ‘3D Simulation Experience on Enterprise Operation Process’

More than 100 elite students from the Sichuan University visited participated in learning the topics like ‘Policies of Macau Education System’, ‘Talent Training’, ‘Scientific and Technological Innovation’, ‘Urban Planning’ as well as ‘Tourism and Economic Development’.

The Vice President of MUST, Mr. Denys, Kwong Ying Wa gave a welcome speech to the delegation. He noted that there is a long history of friendship between the University of Sichuan and the University of Science and Technology. He is glad to tell that MUST is now ranked in Top 300 in the Times Higher Education World University Rankings and is one of the top 20 universities of the Cross Straits-Hong Kong-Macau Region. Today, with more than 12,000 students, MUST is the largest and most powerful comprehensive university in Macao.

Besides attending lectures, students also visited the University Hospital and some other departments and facilities of MUST, such as the library, State Key Laboratory of Lunar and Planetary Sciences, Metal and Wood Arts Design Lab and the Culinary Lab.

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