Faculty Staff

Administrative Staff
Name Position E-mail
Aliana, Leong Man Wai Dean mwleong@must.edu.mo
CHAN, SUK HA Program Director shchan@must.edu.mo
Gary, Kou Chon Fai Deputy Administrative Officer cfkou@must.edu.mo
Owen, Chang Jiang Course Program Coordinator jchang@must.edu.mo
Victor,Leong, Hon Kit Administrative Staff honkitleong@must.edu.mo
Hana, Wong Weng Teng Administrative Staff wtwong@must.edu.mo
Stone, Shi Guan Hong Administrative Staff ghshi@must.edu.mo
Giles, Wong, Wai Kit Administrative Staff wkwong@must.edu.mo
Jimmy, He, Jun Min Administrative Staff jmhe@must.edu.mo
Joey,KOK, CHOU I Administrative Staff cikok@must.edu.mo
 Kimmy, LEI, KA MAN Administrative Staff leikaman@must.edu.mo
Academic Staff
Aliana, Leong Man Wai Professor  mwleong@must.edu.mo
 Ben K. Goh Professor   kbgoh@must.edu.mo
ZHAO, XIN YUAN Professor xyzhao@must.edu.mo
ZHAO, JIN LIN Professor jlzhao@must.edu.mo
LUO, JIAN MING Professor kennyluo@must.edu.mo
ZHANG, HONGRU Associate Professor hrzhang@must.edu.mo
BAI, JING YI Associate Professor  jybai@must.edu.mo
 Pan Su Ying  Associate Professor  sypan@must.edu.mo 
 Park Sung Hee, Ally  Associate Professor   parksh@must.edu.mo
Yang Chieh Yun Associate Professor cyyang@must.edu.mo
Wong Weng Chou, Jose Associate Professor wcwong@must.edu.mo
Tang Juan Associate Professor jtang@must.edu.mo
Feng Yan Associate Professor yfeng@must.edu.mo
Hong Fang Associate Professor fhong@must.edu.mo
Pan Wen Associate Professor wpan@must.edu.mo
CHAN, SUK HA Assistant Professor shchan@must.edu.mo
TIAN, MAO SHAN Assistant Professor mstian@must.edu.mo
HE, BEITING Assistant Professor bthe@must.edu.mo
ZHANG, MENGCHEN Assistant Professor mczhang@must.edu.mo
WANG, GUAN Lecturer gwang@must.edu.mo
CHEONG, FAN Lecturer fcheong@must.edu.mo

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Institute of Financial Planners of Hong Kong Corporate Membership

WSET Approved Programme Provider

Chartered Institute of Environmental Health(CIEH, U.K.) Registered Centre

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In-house Training:
We also offer in-house training for corporations/Government Departments/schools, tailor-made with respect to your choices of topics, time, place, and group of attendees. Please contact us for more information.