MUST Students Won Third-class Prize at Hangzhou College Student Entrepreneur Competition

     The MUST Center for Entrepreneurship and Career Planning recently took the “Entrepreneur Proposal of Happy Go Second-hand Goods Trade Platform” to compete in the final round of the “4th China Hangzhou College Student Entrepreneur Competition”, which was mainly organized by the Hangzhou People’s Government, and jointly held by the Office for Working Group of Talents Management of the Hangzhou Municipality, the Human Resources and Social Security Bureau of Hangzhou, and Zhejiang University of Technology. In the “Growth Group” of the Competition, with their “Happy Go” project, MUST student, Chang Yue from the accounting program of School of Business, and another three students from the finance program, Zhou Zi Tong, Luo Di, and Zhu Yu tong won the third-class prize of the national competition. They were the only team from the Hong Kong-Macau region that won a prize in the “Growth Group”.

     The Competition consists of two groups: the “Growth Group” (for in-campus college students or graduates who’ve graduated for no more than two years), and the “Practice Group” (for graduates who’ve graduated for two to five years). The “Growth Group” has a wide range of competing categories, the contents of which cover from energy preservation and environmental protection, to opto-mechatronics, medical and chemical industry, cultural creative, e-commerce, and other services and consultations; the competing projects come from mainland China, the Hong Kong-Macau-Taiwan region, and other countries; the total number of competing projects was 2489, and there were 123 teams that entered the finale competing for the top 50 places. After fierce competition, the MUST School of Business team stood out in the finale of the “Growth Group”.

     In the business market of Macau, on top of the general employment, it is also needed that innovativeness and the spirit of entrepreneurship be cultivated among the youth. The MUST Center for Entrepreneurship and Career Planning holds entrepreneur activities of different kinds every year, and takes part in entrepreneur competitions of China or the Greater China, providing an all-round entrepreneur platform for students. The winning project at this competition, the “Happy Go Second-hand Goods Trade Platform” aims to construct a smart system and a regulated financial environment that integrates recording, evaluation, and distribution, so as to complement for the weaknesses of traditional platforms for trade of second-hand goods and establish a high-efficiency trade platform for second-hand goods that carries a high-level transparency. The MUST delegation to the Competition was led by the MUST Center for Entrepreneurship and Career Planning, and accompanied and supervised by Assistant Prof. Bu Hui Mei of the School of Business; Vice Dean of MSB, Prof. Pang Chuan, Assistant Prof. Li Xin, and Assistant Prof. Liu Yi De also provided pre-competition supervision for the students.

     When taking an interview, Zhou Zi Tong from the MUST School of Business said that winning the third-class prize for him was an acknowledgement for their project as well as an encouragement that would spur them on to do better; to follow this mark, the team will take the opportunity provided by the Competition and move the development of the project toward mainland China; this means that in the future all development, operation, and market expansion of the “Happy Go” cultural platform will ride along with the supporting policies provided by the Competition to move back to mainland China.