Employment Guidelines


Resume Writing Techniques:

What kind of information do you need to include in the resume? Does the font size matter? How to make it eye catching? How should you write the cover letter? Hope that the following websites might give you some ideas.

Chinese resume writing:台灣1111人力銀行履歷範本, CakeResume

English resume writing: Voicetube七大撰寫原則 + 殺手級履歷用詞, Open College AU Resume Writing, WikiHow How to make a resume


The Labour Affairs Bureau of Macau SAR

Mock interview workshops

CV Sample


Macau’s Employment Statistic:

For those who are interested to work in Macau, you can find the information about Macau’s employment rate, occupational structure, median monthly income and average working hours at Statistics and Census Service (DSEC)’s website. 


Non-local Students Working in Macau:

Non resident who does not have the necessary authorization to work are considered as illegal working, for more information on the regulation, please refer to Regulamento Administrativo n.º 17/2004.


Non-local Students’ Internship in Macau:

Subjected to each faculty’s study plan (according to Macau S.A.R. government’s latest announcement).