Graduate Follow-Up Survey

Each year, CECP conducts an annual graduate follow-up survey, which provides valuable insights on graduates who left MUST for a year, showing their needs and outcomes. Results include the following parts:


※ Continue Study: Location, university and major chosen for further study

※ Employment: Time to receive the first job offer, industry and job nature, difficulties encountered in the workplace, salary range, etc. 

※ Entrepreneurship: Industry, average income, the size of start-ups, etc. 


The previous report can be seen at: 

Class 2011/2012

Class 2012/2013

Class 2013/2014

Class 2014/2015

Class 2015/2016

Class 2016/2017

Class 2017/2018

Class 2018/2019

Class 2019/2020

Class 2020/2021

Class 2021/2022


Should you have any queries, please feel free to contact CECP.