Entrepreneurship Guidelines


Starting up a Business in Macau:

Either your are a student, a fresh grad or someone who has been working for years, there are two major difficulties if you want to start a business: lack of capital and lack of market information, so we hope the following information will be useful for you.

Business Incubation Center for Youth:

In order to diversify the industry and develop non-gaming elements in Macau, the Business Incubation Center for Youth was established in 2015 under the direction of Direcção dos Serviços de Economia (DSE). The center includes the following services: Entrepreneurial training courses; Advice and consultancy; One stop business establishment services; Free temporary office; Guidance given by business counselors; Business matching services; Meetings to exchange idea; Supporting the youth to participate in the regional economic cooperation; Organizing activities with other youth associations. For more information, please refer to DSEDT’s website. 

Young Entrepreneurs Aid Scheme:

In order to encourage the youths in Macau to realize their entrepreneur dream, this scheme will provide an interest free financial support up to MOP 300,000 (must be paid within eight years).  Applicants must be Macau permanent residents, aged 21-44 years, and are going to started the first business.

The financial support can be applied to: Procurement for the equipment necessary for the operation of a commercial enterprise; Improvement works for the working spaces; Designation of commercial concession or franchise; Acquisition of the right to use the technology or intellectual property; promotion and advertising;  working capital.For more information, please refer to DSEDT’s website.

Setting up a Company:

Investors may obtain details of the necessary procedures for setting up a business from

IPIM’s notary service for company registration, Direcção dos Serviços de Assuntos de Justiça(DSAJ), or a lawyer.

Intellectual Property Registration:

To protect the intellectual property rights of your logo, design and products, please refer to DSEDT’s website. 

Business Tax:

What kind of tax that you need to pay before establishing a company? What will happen if you do not pay for the business tax? Please refer to Financial Services Bureau’s website for more information.

Human Resources:

If you would like to know more about the policies concerning labor, employment, occupational safety, and vocational training, please refer to The Labour Affairs Bureau’s website. 

Macau’s Economic Outlook:

Market research is critical for business start-ups. If you are interested in the latest industrial structure or the consumer price index in Macau, please refer to Statistic and Census Service’s website.