Meal Plan Overview

The Meal Plan is automatically included in the accommodation fees for on-campus boarding students, and it does not separate the cost of the Meal Plan from accommodation fees. All meal plan credits will be posted to the student’s card account. Additional purchase of credits is not available while all credits are consumed.

Dining Venue

  • Food Connection (Location: Level 1, Block E);
  • Lemon House (Location: Level 1, Block E);
  • The Seasons-MUST Training Restaurant (Location: Level 1, Block N);
  • Food Studio (Location:Level 1, Block O Academic Building);
  • MUST Like Catering service area (Location: Block P)

Terms of Service

Meal plan is valid for one academic year (2 semesters). Meals cannot be carried into the next academic year.

There are 3 meal periods (breakfast, lunch and dinner) that meals are offered during opening hours from Mondays to Sundays in aforementioned dining venues.

Meal Options

Aforementioned dining venues offer designated combo to students for their options. The combo will be changed regularly to provide a variety of meal options.

Terms of Use

  • On-campus boarding students may order designated combo at above-mentioned locations directly with their student cards;
  • No restriction on the number of meals spent on each purchase;
  • No refunds;
  • No transfers.