Meal Plan Overview

The charge of Meal Plan is automatically included in the accommodation fees for on-campus and off-campus resident students and shall not be identified separately. All Meal Plan value will be automatically injected into the student’s WeMust wallet in the form of Consumption Voucher. No additional top-up will be available while the value is used up.

Dining Venues

  • Food Connection - Student Restaurant (Location: G/F, Recreational Complex, Block E);
  • The Seasons-MUST Training Restaurant (Location: Level 1, Block N);
  • Food Studio (Location: Level 1, Block O Academic Building);
  • Block E Dining Area next to the Student Restaurant (Location: G/F, Recreational Complex, Block E)
  • MUST LIKE - A Hub for Experiential Learning (Location: Block P).


  • The Meal Plan is valid for one academic year (2 semesters) only;
  • The Meal Plan can be used during opening hours of dining venues abovementioned, Monday through Sunday.

Meal Options

Students can consume in designated dining venues abovementioned, of which some will offer specific combo meals and update on a regular basis.

Terms of Use

  • On-campus and off-campus resident students can pay by tapping Student Card to the card reader, or by presenting payment code in WeMust wallet to the merchant, or by scanning QR code of the merchant;
  • The Consumption Voucher serves only for the eligible holder himself. It is non-transferrable to others. It cannot be cashed in any way;
  • The Consumption Voucher disbursed can be used only within validity period. Unspent balance will expire automatically after the validity period and no refund will be provided;
  • The Student Card and the password to the WeMust account shall be kept properly by the student himself. Otherwise, the student himself shall be held liable for any losses incurred;
  • Macau University of Science and Technology has the ultimate power of interpretation.