Supervisors for the program of Doctor of Philosophy in Integrated Chinese and Western Medicine*

In-Faculty Supervisors



Research Interest

Liu Liang Chair Professor  

Mo Hui


Obstetrics and gynaecology of   Chinese medicine

Wu Qi Biao

Associate Professor

Clinical and experimental research of     cardiovascular and respiratory diseases

Xu You Hua Assistant Professor

Study of Chinese medicines on diabetes

Effects and mechanism of natural productson cardio-cerebrovascular disease

Out-Faculty Supervisors#



Research Interest

Fan Jun Ming


Effect and Mechanism of Chinese Herb in   Chronic Kidney Diseases


He Yan Zheng


Mechanism of arterial calcification induced   by Diabetes Mellitus (Especially molecular mechanism of arterial   medial and intimal calcification)


Wu Jian Bo

Research Fellow

Novel Angiogenic therapeutics; Mechanisms of Thrombosis;   Angiogenesis; diabetic microangiopathy


Fu Jun Jiang


Reproductive genetics and bioinformatics; Cancer biology, epigentics   and personalized medicine; Phylogeny and molecular evolution of medicinal   plants, anti-tumor effects of components of edible and traditional herbs.


Chen Yue


Molecular imaging and targeted therapy in nuclear medicine


Xu Yong


Pathogenesis of Diabetic vascular complications, especially molecular   mechanism of diabetic nephropathy


Dai Rong Yang


The signaling network of cancer such as hepatocarcinoma; elucidation   of the role of cellular stress signaling network in cancer; the role of ER   stress in cancer.


Li Guo Ping

Chief Physician

Respiratory system diseases.Research direction: Asthma pathogenesis   and clinical prevention research.


Yuan Qing

Associate Professor

Recombinant antibody drugs

Zhang Xiao Professor    
Luo Huai Rong Professor    
Jiang Chong Chief Physician    
Lin Xiu Kun Professor    
Liu Wen Jun Professor    
Fan Xian Ming Chief Physician    

*Students can select “Supervisors for the program of Doctor of Philosophy in Chinese Medicines” as co-supervisor

#Subject to the Faculty’sapproval, the students may also select supervisors from Guangzhou University of Chinese Medicine and conduct clinical practice and research in the corresponding hospital.