Supervisors for the program of Doctor of Philosophy in Chinese Medicines

In-Faculty Supervisors



Research Interest

Liu Liang

 Chair Professor

New methods and technologies for quality     control of Chinese medicines

Mechanism of anti-inflammatory and     anti-cancer activities of Chinese medicine

Innovative drug research

Jiang Zhi Hong

Chair Professor

Natural products chemistry

Interaction of pharmacologically-active     natural products with biomacromolecules

Quality control of Chinese medicinal herbs

Hsiao Wen Luan


Cancer molecular biology, Wnt and MAPK   signaling, with recent research focus on anti-cancer, cancer preventive,   anti-inflammatory and anti-hyperlipidemia herbal medicines. Recent research   also involves in the interplay of gut microbiota, cancer and Chinese   medicines.

Yao Xiao Jun


Medicinal Chemistry

Computer Aided Drug Design

Bioinformatics and Computational Biology

Chemoinformatics and Chemometrics

Zhou Hua


Cardiovascular pharmacology,     anti-myocardial ischemia and action mechanisms of Chinese medicines

Immunopharmacology, anti-inflammation and     action mechanisms of Chinese medicines

New technology and methodology for quality     control of Chinese medicines based on regulation of gene expression

Pharmacokinetics of Chinese medicines     regulation of gene expression

R&D of innovative Chinese medicines

Bai Li Ping


Bioorganic and Medicinal Chemistry

Natural Medicinal Chemistry

Novel Sphingolipids’ Synthesis and Application in Drug Delivery Systems (LNPs) for RNA Therapy

Design, Synthesis, and Pharmacodynamic Study of Anticancer and Antifibrotic Medicinal Molecules

In-situ Analysis of TCMs

Leung Lai Han

Associate Professor 

Omics technology for innovative drug     research

Molecular targeting and treatment     mechanisms of natural    products on lung cancer

Drug resistance mechanism in lung cancer

Potential combinational use and synergies     of natural products

Wang Jing Rong

Associate Professor 

Bioactive natural products with anticancer     activity

Analysis and quality control of Chinese     medicines

Metabolism of saponins


Wong Kam Wai

Associate Professor

Molecular docking and Omics technology for     innovative drug research

Mechanistic studies and drug targets     identification of natural products for cancer and inflammatory diseases

Autophagy and cancer

Apoptosis-resistant mechanism in cancer

Li Ting

 Associate Professor  

Molecular targeting and treatment     mechanisms     of                    natural products on inflammatory or autoimmune diseases

Synergies of natural products and Western     drugs

Omics technology for immunosuppressive drug     research

Zhang ZHi Feng

Associate Professor  

Luo Pei

Associate Professor

Living cell image technology for innovative     drug research

Molecular targeting and treatment     mechanisms of TCM on ischemic heart disease

Mitochondrial dynamics mechanism in hypoxia     cardimyocyte

Law Yuen Kwan

Associate Professor

Cellular regulation and signaling of     autophagy

Molecular mechanisms that underlie     autophagy and neurodegenerative diseases

Novel drug discovery from Chinese medicinal     herbs for    neurological disorders

Wu Qiang

Associate Professor  

Xie Ying

Associate Professor  

Pharmacokinetic and pharmacological study of the new Chinese herbal medicine

Interaction of phytochemical compounds based on their effects on the metabolism enzymes and transporters

New bioactive natural products for the treatment of chronic liver diseases

Analysis method development for determination of phytochemical compounds in bio-fluids and in traditional Chinese medicines

Zhang Wei

Associate Professor  

Use of chemometricsmethods to deal with all steps of  analytical procedures

Pharmaceutical Analysis (Chemical and Instrumental Analysis)

Pharmacokinetic and metabolism study of chemical drugs and Chinesemedicines

Phytochemical analysis and quality assessment of traditional Chinese medicines based modern instruments

Li Na

 Assistant Professor  Bioactive constituents of Chinese medicines

Toxic constituents and mechanism of Chinese     medicines

 Wu Jian Lin  Assistant Professor  

Determination of target components in different samples        using LC-MS and LC-MSNMR

Integrated analytical approach of metabolomics and      proteomics for mechanism study of Chinese medicines

Out-Faculty Supervisors



Research Interest

Zhong Nan Shan



Systematic analysis for the pathogenesis of     chronic cough

Pathogenesis of neuritis in airway

R&D of preventive drug, diagnostic and     treatment guideline for chronic respiratory diseases

Hua Zi Chun



Molecular pharmacology

Drug screening and mechanism of anti-tumor     Chinese medicine

Wang Jun


Bioinformatics Frontiers

Wang Ren Xiao


Molecular-targeted drug design

Chemical biology

Biological physical chemistry

Luo Guo An


Pharmaceutical Analysis and Quality     Standards

System Biology for Traditional Chinese     Medicine

Modernization for Traditional Chinese     Medicine

Zhu Quan



Pharmacology in diabetic micro-angiopathy     complications

Cyto-membrane immobilized chromatography in     Traditional Chinese Medicine research

Louis Wing-Cheong Chow


Clinical treatment and translational     research for breast cancer

Liu Chang Xiao


Pharmacology; Pharmacokinetics; Chinese   Medicines

Zeng Fan Yi

Distinguished Professor


Wang Qin


Natural Products Chemistry, Bioorganic and Medicinal   Chemistry

Wang Qiong

Associate Research Fellow

Neuropharmacology; Neuropsychopharmacology; Pharmacology of Traditional Chinese Medicine; Space Medicine