A Delegation from Shenzhen Lawyers Association Visited the Faculty of Law, M.U.S.T

A Delegation from Shenzhen Lawyers Association visited the Faculty of Law, M.U.S.T on the afternoon of June 10th, 2022. The delegation members include Mr. Zhang Cheng, vice president of Shenzhen Lawyers Association, Mr. He Shu Kui, director of the arbitration committee of Shenzhen Lawyers Association, deputy director  Mr. Zhu Dan Fang, Committee members Mr Wei Zheng, Mr.Yin Xiu Zhong, Mr. Xing Peng, the deputy secretary general Ms.Tan Jiao Ling, Ms. Peng Yang Shan, Ms. Tang Jiao Jiao. Ms. Yang Liu Qing and director Mr.Zhang Xian Da. Dean Fang Quan, Program Director Mou Xiao Bo and Associate Professor Shen Yun Qiao, the director of Research Centre for Arbitration and Dispute Resolution of the Faculty of Law, Assistant Professor Peng Yun Peng, Assistant Professor Chen Bo and Assistant Professor Zhong Wen Cai received the delegation.



A delegation from Shenzhen Lawyers Association was on the visit to the Faculty of Law, M.U.S.T


Dean Fang Quan extended her warm welcome to the delegation and introduced the curriculum, research work, affiliated institutions and foreign exchange activities of the Faculty, she stressed on its unique characteristic in the teaching and research work on professional arbitration. The Faculty of Law sets up Master of International Arbitration program and establishes Research Centre for Arbitration and Dispute Resolution. Many of the teachers in the Faculty work as arbitrators, mediators in well-known arbitration institutions and mediation institutions. Associate Professor Shen Yun Qiao introduced  development of the Research Centre for Arbitration and Dispute Resolution in recent years. Vice president Zhang Chen introduced the development of Shenzhen Lawyers Association and its affiliated committees. Director He Shu Kui specifically introduced the main achievements of the Commercial Arbitration Legal Committee and extended his wishes to facilitate exchange between the two parties in the future.

Both parities expressed expectations for enhancing exchange and cooperation.It is hoped to carry out substantial cooperation in resource sharing, personnel training, research publishing, academic activities and students internship.



The symposium



Dean Fang Quan presented souvenirs to Vice President Zhang Cheng