Congratulations to the First Graduate Students of Master of Financial Crime and Regulation Program for Successfully Graduating From the Faculty of Law

Approved by the Macao S.A.R. Government, the Master of Financial Crime and Regulation program of the Faculty has started to enroll students since 2020. All the 28 students of 2020 class have obtained required credits and successfully got through graduation thesis defense, therefore, they are qualified to graduate in this June. Most of the graduate students will work in financial institutions and law firms, engaging in work relevant to law and finance, such as investment and M&A, Corporate Compliance and Anti-Money Laundering.



The 2022 Graduation Ceremony of the Faculty

(the First Graduate Students of Master of Financial Crime and Regulation Program)


In the context of booming financial industry, the Master of Financial Crime and Regulation program aims to cultivate interdisciplinary talents with both theoretical knowledge and practical experience in preventing financial risks and crimes and coping with affairs in financial supervision to meet the demands of the thriving economy in the Greater Bay Area and development of modern financial industry in Macao. The curriculum of the program covers many interdisciplinary subjects, through which students will learn relevant theoretical and practical knowledge about preventing and punishing financial crimes, preventing and supervising financial risks, and operating financial institutions. In order to implement the curriculum and nurture specialized talents in Anti-Money Laundering and financial supervision in Macao, the Faculty of Law, together with Macau Anti-Money Laundering Specialists Association, established the Macau Exam Centre of Certified Anti-Money Laundering Specialist (CAMS) in 2019, which is authorized by the“Association of Certified Anti-Money Laundering Specialists”(ACAMS). Students in the Faculty are encouraged to take the examination to obtain qualifications. With the approval of MUST, the Faculty of Law established the Macao Centre for Law and Finance in 2020. In addition to carry out scientific research and academic activities, the Centre also undertakes teaching and extracurricular research instruction for this course.



Students visited Bank of China Macau Branch



Students attended the seminar in Bank of China Macau Branch


Graduates’ Speeches


Zhang Yu Cheng

Employment Orientation: Anli Partners, Shenzhen

Letter of Admission: Complutense University of Madrid

As the monitor of Master of Financial Crime and Regulation program of 2020 class, I obtained the scholarship funded by Bank of China Macau Branch and passed the examination of Junior Certified M&A Dealmaker. I have also participated the 10th Moot Competition of Corporate Mergers and Acquisitions in the Asia-Pacific Region and got the awards of the Best M&A Solution, the Best Team Member and the Best Presentation.  Moreover, I also got the award of Excellent Thesis of Globalization and Financial Regulations law--Shanghai Summit. On the occasion of graduation, I have been accepted by the postgraduate program of Advanced Studies in Financial and Tax Law of Complutense University of Madrid. From the temple, deep in its tender bamboos, comes the low sound of an evening bell, while the hat of a pilgrim carries the sunset, farther and farther down the green mountain. It is great honor for me to be one of the postgraduate students of the Financial Crime and Regulation program since two years ago, I am grateful for what I have experienced here and I would like to express my sincere gratitude to my teachers and my parents. At last, I am glad I have chosen the program. I will strive for my career and dream in this field and I wish all of us will return with a young heart despite years of striving.


Zhang Yu Cheng


Wu Xun Zhou

Employment Orientation: Bank of China Macau Branch (engage in specialized work of Compliance and Anti-Money Laundering)

It is honorable to be one of the first graduate students of Master of Financial Crime and Regulation program, the courses of which are closely related to practical financial business. With the interdisciplinary curriculum, the program aims to nurture comprehensive talents of law and finance demanded for development of Mainland, the Greater Bay Area and Shenzhen-Shanwei Special Cooperation Zone. Being knowledgeable, the teaching staff here are passionate about teaching and problem solving, they also help students develop abilities in questioning, research and problem solving. Financial and legal scholars are often invited to share their experiences and knowledge with us, which can enhance our ability of research and lifelong study. During the period in the MUST, I have published essays guided by my tutor and participated into the consulting and research work of laws drafting. Moreover, I have become the training consultant of Macau Institute of Finance Services and Macau Anti-Money Laundering  Specialists Association. Thanks to the Master of Financial Crime and Supervision program, I will adhere to the motto of MUST, dedication to practical studies, enhancement of knowledge, ability and quality. I am convinced that I am able to strive for further improvement in the future work, making greater contribution in preventing financial risks and Anti-Money Laundering risks.


Wu Xun Zhou


Li Jia Yuan

Employment Orientation: Anti-Money Laundering Centre of a foreign-funded bank

Days pass quickly, the time I study and live here in MUST is slipping away. Benefiting from relevant courses and in-depth research, I have successfully passed the examination of Certified Anti-Money Laundering Specialist (CAMS). I also have got to know many enthusiastic and positive specialists in ACAMS, through which I have broadened my access to the latest information and had in-depth understanding of work on Anti-Money Laundering. Worth mentioning is that I was once hesitant and confused about my future, for I was unsure whether it is worthy to transfer from working as a front-line officer to back-up officer. Finally, I, following my initial aspiration, determined to work in the blue ocean of Anti-Money Laundering with an eye on its prospect, which is supported by my teachers and classmates. Last but not least, I would extend my gratitude to the Faculty of Law and all teaching staff for their devotion and efforts. I hope all of us will never forget why we start and accomplish our mission through ongoing efforts. I hope that more and more fellows will fling themselves into the cause of Anti-money Laundering.


Li Jia Yuan


Zhang Pei Ling

Employment Orientation: Bank of China Macau Branch (work as the Compliance Manager of the Personal Finance and Channel Management Department)

I am honorable to be one of the first graduate students of Master of Financial Crime and Regulation program of the Faculty. The systematical courses of financial law help me establish the framework of compliance management of financial institutions. To help students from different areas to better grasp the opportunities in the development of Shenzhen-Shanwei Special Cooperation Zone and the Greater Bay Area and Mainland, the Faculty of Law, besides the traditional law courses, also offers practical courses including Gaming and Entertainment Law, Anti-Money Laundering, Financial Supervision and Special Topics in Compliance and Regulation. Additionally, It organizes exchange activities with financial institutions to help us to be familiar with practical business. Meanwhile, the Shizi Gate Law Forums held by the Faculty give us opportunities to listen to the speeches of scholars and experts of financial laws. Thanks to the experience in the Faculty of Law, which has strong influence on my career orientation and lifetime plan. It makes me confident and competent for more demanding and professional financial compliance positions.


 Zhang Pei Ling




Mr. Peng Yun Peng, Assistant Professor in the Faculty of Law

I taught the courses of Financial Law and Commercial Law for the students of Master of Financial Crime and Supervision program, and I had the chance to spend splendid days with the lovely students in the passing two years. Students in our class come from different places, some are local students and some are Mainland students, with or without legal backgrounds, some are undergraduate students and some have worked in fields of bank, insurance and security. Different backgrounds contribute diverse perspectives, which coincides with features of the course, that is cross-jurisdictional integration between Macau Law and Mainland Law, law and business, and theories and practice. The students in our class are extraordinarily vibrant in studying, being wrapped in the warmth and kindness with strong team spirit, which also made me joyful in my teaching work. Now all the students have successfully graduated, I hope all of you will give full play to what you have learnt, and what you have got is what you are looking for.


Mr. Peng Yun Peng


Mr. Liu Ze Guang, Senoir Guest Lecturer in Faculty of Law.

Master of Financial Crime and Supervision program is a pragmatic course which is designed to prevent financial risks in the process of developing modern financial industry which is line with the positioning proposed by the nation, the Greater Bay Area and Macao. It aims to cultivate a group of comprehensive talents who are armed with knowledge of compliance management, risks prevention and innovative development in financial industry on the basis of law. I am honored to participate in the course design and be invited to be a senior guest lecturer of the course, offering me an opportunity to share my 40-year working experience in banking and my research results on preventing financial risks, operating business in accordance with law and innovative development, which is also what i wish to do. We are pleased to hear that our students have got job offers and opportunities for promotion in specialized posts. It proves that the Master of Financial Crime and Supervision program has been recognized by large financial institutions, foreign-funded financial institutions and law firms. The student who completed this course have a certain understanding of international laws and are equipped with international vision. It is believed that our students will be able to take important positions of risk prevention directors and chief compliance officers through ongoing studying and will make greater contributions in finance industry.


Mr Liu Zeguang


Established in 2000, the Faculty of Law offers undergraduate Program of Bachelor of Laws, postgraduate programs in six majors including Master of Laws, Juris Master, Master of Laws in Criminal Justice, Master of International Economic and Commercial Law, Master of International Arbitration, and Doctor of Philosophy in Law in nine majors. In accordance with the principle of “one country, two systems”, the Faculty conducts parallel courses of Macau Law and Chinese Law in its Degree Program of Bachelor of Laws and puts more weights on the study of comparative law and cross-border legal issues for its Degree Programs of Master of Laws. It always puts emphasis on both theories and practices in teaching and makes ongoing efforts to upgrade curriculum to nurture comprehensive legal talents that conform to the trend of local and international development. The Faculty of Law is one of the first batch members of the Mainland-Hong Kong-Macau Law Education Alliance and the young member of the Asian Law Institute. Together with Macau Anti–Money Laundering Specialists Association, the Faculty established the Macau Exam Centre of Certified Anti-Money Laundering Specialist (CAMS), which is the only exam center in Macao authorized by the Association of Certified Anti-Money Laundering Specialists(ACAMS). It set up Master of Financial Crime and Supervision program to enhance the regional talent pool of anti-money laundering and financial supervision, serving the area and the Macao society. Moreover, the Faculty has established the Research Center for Arbitration and Dispute Resolution, Legal Practice and Education Centre and Macao Centre for Law and Finance. Permitted by the Ministry of Education, the Faculty jointly established the Macau Intellectual Property Research Centre with the Intellectual Property Study Centre of the Zhongnan University of Economics and Law, which is a key partner research base out of the Mainland China for Humanitarian and Social Sciences of the Ministry of Education. The Macau Research Centre for the Judicial Training Base of the Shanghai Cooperation Organization was established under the cooperation between the Faculty and the judicial training base of the Shanghai Cooperation Organization. Taking the advantage of Macao’s traditional and unique geographic superiority, that is, where the East and the West meet, the Faculty actively carries out foreign academic and teaching exchange activities, and has built up effective cooperative relationships with foreign academic institutions and professional units. The Faculty of Law has also formed its unique and distinctive characteristics in the multi-cultural historic context and the trend of cross-jurisdictional development. It also strives for promoting its overall strength and academic influence, committing to nurturing professional legal talents with the dream of rule by law, who are both virtuous, talented and dedicated to serve for people and society.