ISCR was established in December 2010. It’s a key research institute in Macau University of Science and Technology. Prominent scholars in concerning fields are engaged for the common academic course. Besides, an efficient crew of full-time and part-time researchers stand solid for teaching and research of the institute.

ISCR features a research strategy in accordance with the social, historical and cultural significance of Macau. We organize full-scale academic communication and cooperation with research institutions in Macau, from periphery and around the world. With these capacities combined, ISCR endeavors to build an advantaged research platform for interested scholars and to offer original and meaningful research findings for local and international academics. Research areas are following:

Global History and Macau Studies

Interdisciplinary studies of Macau history and society with a global-history perspective and methodology. 500 years' history, unique cultural and social phenomena and their theoretical significance are examined from different angles.

Macau SAR Studies

Empirical studies on current and potential issues and policies of Macau Special Administration Region.

International Affairs of Macau

Systematic and in-depth researches on Macau's participation in foreign affairs in history and under "One country, two systems" structure. Feasibility studies of Macau's position in international matters, especially in Sino-Lusophone relations.

In addition to researches, ISCR launched a Ph.D program on International Relations, focusing on Sino-Lusophone relations, to establish theoretical and personnel foundation for Macau's future role in international affairs.