To bootstrap its growth, the Institute has engaged in collaborating with industry and academics to develop its expertise, infra-structures, and research areas. Specifically in the past seven months, we have established some joint labs with industry, have been in discussion with different sectors of the industry on specific joint projects, and have already developed some joint research with universities in the mainland.

  • A Joint AI Lab with YGsoft (Zhuhai) was created in January 2017.
  • The agreement on establishing Macau Intelligent Society Joint Lab with Sugon Nebula Information Technology and China Urban-townization Promotion Council/Intelligent Society Special Committee (中國城鎮化促進會/智能社會專業委員會) was signed in April. This Lab will focus on utilizing the high performance computing platform to establish the Macau City Cloud to serve for the smart city needs, and on developing a holographic reality for Macau to underpin efforts in smart entertainment, smart tourism, smart transportation, and smart environment.
  • An agreement was signed with the single-board computer system Orange Pi(Shenzhen Xunlong) to support our smart city application development efforts.

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