Research Projects and Results

The Institute is currently seeking grants to support smart city research and development. So far we have submitted grant proposals to FDCT and FDCT-NSFC. We also plan to take advantage of the university-industry joint grant opportunity to be rolled out by FDCT soon.

A number of smart campus and smart city use cases have been identified as follows.

Smart Campus Use Cases

  • MUST+ app
  • Student attendance verification.
  • Library access and services via face detection and recognition.
  • Campus mobile pay platform.
  • Course content management system.
  • NE3D content development for different disciplines.
  • Cloud-based teaching/research labs.
  • VR/AR/HR for enhanced teaching.
  • Robotic applications in classrooms.

Smart City Use cases

  • HPC based Macau city cloud via collaboration with Sugon.
  • Value-added services for government agencies and departments.
  • Holographic reality for entertainment, tourism, transportation, health-care, and environmental protection.
  • Tourism data analytics (e.g., data collected from WiFi streets in Macau).
  • Transportation data analytics.

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