MCO students organized a campus fundraising event to support two charities in Macau

As part of the Charity Fundraising course curriculum, the first-year MCO students successfully organized a two-day campus fundraising event to raise funds for two Macau-based charities, Oxfam and Orbis. Oxfam in Macau, which was established in 2012, is dedicated to promoting global citizenship and advocating for pro-poor policy changes in local communities. As a regional office of Orbis International, Orbis Macau is committed to bringing people together to fight avoidable blindness through fundraising and advocacy.

Led by Dr. Qianjin Zhang, the course instructor, the campus fundraising event was held on the fifth and sixth floors of Building O at Macau University of Science and Technology on 27 and 28 October. In groups, students carried out different fundraising activities, such as mini charity bazaars, environmental knowledge quizzes, simulations of vision loss, and meal donations. During the two-day event, students successfully raised MOP 15,853.98, HKD 1,191, and RMB 435, a total of about MOP 1,7576.61 (1HKD=1.03MOP, 1RMB=1.14MOP). The funds raised at the campus fundraising event were transferred directly to the two beneficiary NGOs via their donation QR codes and bank transfer. The donation boxes with cash were also returned to Oxfam and Orbis.

Charity Fundraising is a compulsory course of the MCO program. Students are expected to learn how to assemble a fundraising team, conduct donor market research, develop a fundraising plan, and execute fundraising activities by using a variety of strategies. This campus fundraising event has allowed students to apply classroom knowledge to actual fundraising practices. Through participation in this event, MCO students have been able to become involved in local communities, thereby enhancing their sense of social responsibility.

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