Dr. Michael Wong, Director of Fundraising and Communications at Oxfam Hong Kong, Joined the Charity Fundraising Class as a Guest Speaker

Invited by Dr. Qianjin Zhang, the instructor for Charity Fundraising, Dr. Michael Wong joined the first-year Master of Charity and Social Organization Management (MCO) students on September 11th and 12th2023, delivering an exceptionally inspiring presentation. The primary objective was to provide students with a profound understanding of fundraising strategies and their paramount significance within charitable organizations. Ms. Crystal Chan, Senior Fundraising Officer at Oxfam, also participated in the class to share practical insights and engage in discussions with the students.

Throughout the session, Dr. Wong shared his extensive professional experience in the advertising and marketing industries. He delved into the successful application of marketing and advertising techniques from the commercial sector to fundraising endeavors within charitable organizations. Dr. Wong underscored the pivotal role of fundraising in the management of charitable organizations, emphasizing that fundraisers are not just storytellers but also critical connectors in establishing and nurturing relationships between donors and organizations. Dr. Wong emphasized that fundraisers serve as a vital bridge between donors and project implementers, and effective communication is paramount.

Moreover, Dr. Wong introduced the major fundraising strategies employed by Oxfam Hong Kong and discussed the importance of building trust in fundraising efforts, emphasizing its critical role in ensuring the long-term success of charitable organizations.

Dr. Zhang expressed her heartfelt appreciation for this invaluable opportunity for MCO students, allowing them to learn directly from an industry expert and gain practical knowledge.

In conclusion, the hope is that students can draw valuable fundraising insights from Dr. Wong's presentation, further recognizing the indispensable role of fundraising in the management of nonprofit and social organizations, and applying this knowledge to their future careers.

Group photo of Dr. Michael Wong with year 1 MCO students

Photos during the class

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