MUST supports energy conservation by Casual Summer Wear and Light-off

11 years in a row, Macau University of Science and Technology acts to show support of the “Macao Conservation Week 2018” organized by Office for Development of the Energy Sector, Macao S.A.R. As one of the co-organizers of the campaign, MUST teachers and staff join the “Casual Summer Wear” and “One-Hour Light-off” initiatives to contribute to energy conservation, waste reduction and environmental protection.

Vice President Tong Ka Lok, Associate Vice President Sun Jian Rong, Associate Vice President Kwong Ying Wa, Executive Vice Dean Chu Oi Mei of Faculty of Hospitality and Tourism Management, Associate Librarian Zhao Xi Chen, and staff from the faculties, institutes and administrative units acted in person to wear the colorful university and faculty T-shirts in response to the “Casual Summer Wear” campaign in support of energy conservation.

Moreover, in response to energy conservation and promotion of green energy development MUST set up the largest-scale solar-energy car park roofing in Macau, which is expected to have the capacity of generating 380,000 kilowatt hours of clean environment-friendly electricity, equal to reduction of 94 tons of carbon dioxide. By combining outdoor car parking with power generation using solar energy, MUST manages to generate electricity in an environmentally friendly manner, protects cars from direct exposure to weather destructions, and greatly reduce energy consumption and demand for earth resources.