“Teaching Excellence” - M.U.S.T. Confers Teaching Excellence Award to Praise 3 Outstanding Teachers

Macau University of Science and Technology conferred the 2019/2020 Teaching Excellence Award to three teachers, commending them on their outstanding teaching performance. The Teaching Excellence Award comprises two categories, “Excellent Teacher” and “Rising Star”. This year’s winners of “Excellent Teacher” are Assistant Prof. Bu Huimei from School of Business and Assistant Prof. Tian Yuan from the Faculty of Humanities and Arts, while Assistant Prof. Peng Yunpeng from the Faculty of Law received the “Rising Star” award. The annual Teaching Excellence award is made to honor and award teachers with excellent teaching performance, commend them for their ever-improving teaching standards, and contribute to enhancement of quality for teaching and learning at the University, by doing so, it is also hoped that the Award could empower and incentivize new faculty members of the University.

Winners of the 2019/2020 Teaching Excellence Award (from left): Assistant Prof. Bu Huimei, Assistant Prof. Tian Yuan, and Assistant Prof. Peng Yunpeng

Assistant Prof. Bu Huimei of the School of Business graduated from Doctor of Philosophy in Management of M.U.S.T. in 2013 and stayed on, from then, as a faculty member of the University. She currently teaches undergraduate and graduate subjects such as Marketing, Service Marketing, and Marketing Channel Management. Besides teaching, she’s also involved in coaching and training work for students participating in innovation and entrepreneurship contests. Dr. Bu upholds the “Student-centered, outcome-based” educational philosophy, promotes independent learning for students proactively, stimulates students to get into the habit of thinking, and encourages students to not only learn academic knowledge but also develop independent learning capabilities and academic research character. Her teaching style is vivid and affective, which drives students to develop greater passion in learning.

Assistant Prof. Tian Yuan from the Faculty of Humanities and Arts joined M.U.S.T. in 2007. She currently mainly teaches subjects for Film Management and Film Production programs. She emphasizes daily communication, is able to guide students to engage in multi-dimensional thinking for their future goals and orientations, centers on Opinion Leader as the core professional knowledge of communication, and drives hybrid classroom based on complementary teaching. In addition, she also places values on operations and practices, and draw on the specificities of film studies to bring the various links of the film industry, such as production, promotion and screening, to classroom teaching and practices, thus integrating learning and application, enhancing the learned knowledge and facilitating innovation.

Assistant Prof. Peng Yunpeng from the Faculty of Law joined M.U.S.T. in 2017. He teaches mainly undergraduate and graduate subjects such as economics laws, financial laws, commercial laws, and corporate merge. Acting on his passion toward education, the professor has been devoted to the improvement of his professional qualities and teaching skills, giving respect, care and inspirations to students, and providing as much help as possible to students. He believes in teaching customized to students’ characters, and approaches students of different characteristics with a great variety of teaching methods. He also believes in the integration of laws and commerce and strives to provide opportunities for law-major students to improve their business and trade qualities.

The assessment process for Teaching Excellence Award is rigorous. The Teaching Excellence Award Committee first conducts a preliminary review over all the nominated teachers and then produces a shortlist of teachers to go forward. The committee members then complete a comprehensive review of the candidates in terms of their teaching performances, teaching attitudes and teaching portfolios, which is supplemented by a general assessment in the form of class observations, interviews and review of students’ evaluation feedback. Finally, the committee met and deliberated, and decided on the three winners by voting.

Since the Teaching Excellence Award was established in 2008, altogether 37 teachers have been awarded over the years. Their names are inscribed in the Honors’ Board for permanent display. This speaks of the great importance attached to the quality of teachers and teaching by the University, as well as its commitment to offering the best quality education for the students.