Paper by MUST scholar recognized in Nature 2020 Research Highlights

The Journal Nature has recently selected the 2020 research paper highlights, aimed at showcasing the most significant, insightful, and highest impact publications in several different fields of science. The list of 6 highlights for Astronomy includes a publication by one of the faculty members of the State Key Laboratory of Lunar and Planetary Sciences, Macau University of Science and Technology. The paper, by Associate Professor André Antunes was titled “Experimental and Simulation Efforts in the Astrobiological Exploration of Exooceans” and was the culmination of the work developed by a large, international, cross-disciplinary team, which brought together studies and experimental designs from various scientific fields currently investigating the icy moons of the solar system. This contribution is seen as relevant for the next phase of space exploration and the search for life in Europa and Enceladus. 

Prof. Dr. Antunes has joined MUST in September 2019 and is the leader of the research group in Astrobiology. The recent establishment of the Astrobiology and Cosmochemistry Experimental Platforms, coordinated by Prof. Dr. Antunes, ensures a vital role and active participation for Macau in the on-going efforts to find extraterrestrial life.

Associate Professor André Antunes

Europa, one of the most famous icy moons of the Solar System