Higher Education Evaluation in Macau

The Macau S.A.R. Government’s Education and Youth Development Bureau (DSEDJ) introduces several new requirements for evaluation, quality assurance and accreditation in Macau. It has produced several guideline documents which will become obligatory when the new Higher Education law is published in Macau. These documents provide information on:

  • Institutional Accreditation
  • Institutional Quality Audit
  • External Quality Assurance Agencies
  • New Program Accreditation


These documents are uploaded onto the MUST website here, for reference. Macau University of Science and Technology is taking active and proactive steps to engage the requirements that are set out in these documents, aligning them to its own internal quality development, assurance and enhancement work in the University.


pdf-download-icon Guidelines on New Program Accreditation

pdf-download-icon Guidelines for External Quality Assurance Agencies

pdf-download-icon Guidelines on Institutional Accreditation

pdf-download-icon Guidelines on Institutional Qulaity Audit

pdf-download-icon Guidelines on New Program Accreditation

pdf-download-icon Workflow for Institutional Accreditation


Briefing sessions:

pdf-download-icon Introduction to Accreditation (1)

pdf-download-icon Introduction to Accreditation (2)

pdf-download-icon Introduction to Accreditation (3)