Quality Assurance, Review and Accreditation

The University's Quality Assurance Office provides an introductory set of slides on quality assurance. The slides serve a dual purpose of introducing significant elements of quality assurance and also providing documents of reference for University. The six parts are:

Part One: What Is Quality Assurance and How Does It Affect Me?
Part Two: The Work of the Macau University of Science and Technology Quality Assurance Office and Faculty Offices
Part Three: What Is Faculty Review and What Is Self-evaluation for Faculty Review?
Part Four: What Is Program Review and What Is Self-evaluation for Program Review?
Part Five: What Is Accreditation and How Does It Work?
Part Six: Preparing for Faculty Review

Each part takes one important area of quality assurance and draws on quality assurance principles and practices from quality assurance and accreditation agencies, to present summary considerations in quality assurance.