1. What does the program seek to achieve for its students?
  2. What are the expectations of the students?  How and how well are these met?
  3. How are students challenged, their higher order thinking and critical judgement increased on the program?
  4. Knowledge of students and stakeholders
  5. How are students’ needs, expectations and preferences identified and addressed in the Faculty?
  6. How does the Faculty build relationships, networks, contacts and strategies for recruitment, retention and satisfaction of students and stakeholders?
  7. Target students populations, and how these are/are not changing over time, and why
  8. Profile of student population
  9. Equity principles
  10. Student progress and success rates, and their monitoring
  11. Student understanding of the program
  12. Mentoring of students
  13. Student support on the program
    1. nature and amount of student support
    2. quality of student support on the program
    3. the number and utilization of assistants
    4. counselling support
    5. extra-curricular support
  14. Students with disabilities
  15. How is student performance enhanced and assured to be of the highest quality?
  16. Research training for students
  17. What contact mechanisms exist on the program for staff and students to communicate, how well are these used, and with what outcomes?
  18. How does the program build positive relationships with students in the achievement of their, the Faculty’s and the program’s objectives?
  19. Feedback to students and action taken from this
  20. Feedback from students and action taken from this
    1. collecting and using student feedback
    2. questionnaires
    3. discussion and dissemination of feedback
    4. staff/student consultative committees
  21. How is student satisfaction determined on the program? Are there surveys of student satisfaction, and how are they used?
  22. How is student feedback (including complaints) handled? What use is made of feedback for the program, research and administrative development?
  23. How is student feedback kept up to date as programs change and new developments occur?
  24. How are student feedback and other data used for program improvement?
  25. How are student complaints handled?
  26. Career development
  27. Status of, and attention given to, orientation, guidance, career guidance and academic advice
  28. Integration of students into the Faculty
  29. Student representation on committees
  30. Arrangements for consultations with students
  31. How are students kept informed of developments and decisions on the program?
  32. Are staff available for consultation with students?
  33. Are there office hours for staff to be available?
  34. Student evaluation and satisfaction
  35. Student morale
  36. Post-graduation career and employment of students
  37. Alumni: communication, satisfaction, loyalty
  38. External review and quality assurance
  39. Student records
  40. Strategies for improving student support, and the impact of these
  41. Strategies for staff development to improve student support, and the impact of these
  42. Current strengths and weaknesses
  43. Future directions
  44. Key challenges and prospects
  45. Key opportunities


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